· Featuring Saida , Farrah
Warning: explicit sex

Saida Gets Eaten

Saida and the Red Panda

Arilin Thorferra

“I think I’ve heard about you,” the red panda said, and Saida’s ears immediately went back.

Before she said anything, the panda laughed, kneeling by her. “You’re Saida, right? I’m Farrah.”

“Ah…” She swallowed, wishing today was a day she’d been giant. But it wasn’t, and so she looked up at a dismayingly sexy wah in fur-tight blue denim shorts and a black sleeveless half-shirt, as tall as she would be if she had been giant, smiling down in a way that’d have made her weak-kneed even if they’d seen eye to eye. “What exactly have you heard?”

“I’ve heard you’re absolutely stunning, and that you get into the most fascinating trouble.” Farrah grinned, shrugging and brushing back luxurious, long black hair, and leaned forward, resting a hand on the ground, palm pads up, just to Saida’s side. “I can see the first one’s true. Let’s talk about the second.”

Saida’s tail flicked. “You’re going to eat me, aren’t you?”

Farrah just wiggled their fingers, watching Saida expectantly.

Rubbing her face, Saida sighed, climbing onto the panda’s palm pad. If they’d intended to grab her, she’d have already been grabbed.

Beaming, Farrah lifted their hand up to about chest level. “So you just confirmed it, didn’t you? People eat you sometimes. And yet… you’re here.”

Saida swallowed, looking up. “That doesn’t mean I enjoy it, and you’d be bad if you did it.”

“I’m already bad, sweetie.” Farrah winked. “But I won’t eat you without permission.”

“My permission?” she said skeptically. “Seriously?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Farrah licked their lips. “It makes littles taste so much better.”

Saida’s ears skewed, her gaze locking onto the huge tongue. “Y-you can’t just talk people down your throat.”

“Maybe not. You know I’m teasing.” Farrah brought Saida up closer to their lips, continuing in a soft murmur. “You just don’t know how much I’m telling the truth. But I really do want to…” They tilted their head up and swallowed, making their glossy throat ruff ripple. “Mmmmm.

Saida whimpered, squirming in Farrah’s hand. A moment later the muzzle tilted down again, just far enough so the wah’s huge golden eyes could lock onto her. “But maybe sometimes I get littles so blushing and shivery and flustered that they’re begging to be mine.” The nose pinned her to Farrah’s palm. “Can I give you a kiss?”

“I’m—not—” Saida pushed her hands against Farrah’s nose, shivering at the feel of the panda’s breath blowing across her lower half as they spoke.

Farrah moved their head up, dragging their upper lip over Saida’s chest and face. “Just a kiss. I promise.”

“I think you already are,” Saida squeaked, head between those lips, seeing only teeth and tongue and throat ahead.

“No. Like this.” Farrah tilted their head and pressed their lips to their palm, tongue clamping wetly and warmly against Saida from thighs up to nose, making smacking noises against her. “Oh. That’s nice.”

As they released her from the kiss, Saida took a ragged breath, shuddering. It was very nice, dammit. “Goddess,” she breathed.

Farrah drew back just enough to wink again. “Thank you. Was that so bad?”


The wah lowered their muzzle down again, until the giant lips almost touched her… and stopped.

Oh god, they were waiting for her to move next, weren’t they? She could just do nothing. She should just do nothing. A stare-off.

She squirmed, looking away, looking back, then groaned. Saida leaned forward and nuzzled Farrah’s lower lip, hands sliding across it.

The red panda chirred, holding the kiss a moment—then slid their mouth down over her head and shoulders, tongue against her face. It felt electric.

“Hey!” she gasped, spluttering as the lips moved together down her chest and back. “Y-you said—you wouldn’t—”

The lips tightened around her waist, teeth pressing in, and the tongue started curling, pulling, sliding all around her. The electricity became lightning. Saida twisted back and forth against tongue, teeth, and lips helplessly. Her shirt slid up along her fur.

“Mmm. Mmmmm. Mmm—” Farrah’s moans made her feel half like an exquisite dessert and half like a sex toy. She closed her eyes, trying not to buck against the tongue reflexively.

Farrah pulled their lips up off the Rha’s body again, making an audible pop as her head pulled free. Saida fell back against the red panda’s palm, panting hard, staring up at her shirt, caught on one giant fang.

Farrah closed their eyes, looking impossibly pleased. No, aroused. Unmistakably aroused. The tongue flicked out, pulling her shirt in, and it disappeared with an audible swallow, a lascivious moan.

“Finish unsnapping your pants for me,” Farrah whispered. “I’ll pull them off, too.”

Finish…? Saida looked down at herself and whined. She’d partially undone her jeans, one hand slid inside. She stared up at the giant—oh, goddess, they were licking their lips again—and unsnapped the remaining two buttons.

Lifting Saida’s feet, Farrah gently knocked her sandals off, then slowly sucked her legs past their lips, tongue sliding against her back. The wet, hot lightning ran through her again. Saida braced her hands against the panda’s upper lip, wriggling as the tongue and teeth pulled, as her jeans slid roughly down, as the sound and feel of the swallow came.

“Oh, you’re wonderful, Saida. Now. Please.” Farrah’s husky whisper dripped with need, with promise. They opened their mouth, wide, right at Saida’s paws, tongue slipping out in clear invitation, a gleaming line of saliva between the tongue and an upper fang.

She stared dumbly, breathing hard, raggedly, ears back, body burning. She could still say no. She could—could scream. Plead. Beg. Beg for Farrah to—

—oh, goddess—

Saida scrambled forward onto Farrah’s slick tongue, kissing, licking, spreading arms and legs, rolling her hips. She knew she was climbing into a victorious, smug grin. She didn’t care.

Farrah tilted their head back and pushed Saida up against the roof of their mouth, tongue tip curled between the cat’s legs and thrusting with each rising staccato moan. “Mmm. Rrrr. Mmm!

Saida’s hips bucked as she fell over the edge, screaming in overwhelmed, saliva-drenched ecstasy. She couldn’t even tell when she went down the red panda’s throat. As she landed in the already-churning stomach, she was still tingling from her arousal, still unable to catch her breath.

The red panda’s voice was already hard to hear, but the breathy lust was unmistakable. “I so… mmm… so look forward to doing this again, little one.”