· Featuring Saida
Warning: explicit sex

Saida Gets Eaten

Arilin Thorferra

Saida is Arilin’s cousin, one of the titular protagonists of the novel Saida & Autumn. Canonically, she’s been given a curse that not only brings her back from the dead but has given her a bit of an unfortunate attraction to situations where she risks ending up as prey. The novel explores this occasionally hoary macrophile trope seriously, getting into the subjects of taboo desires, trauma, and consent.

These vignettes, however, lean into the hoariness.

I refer to these as “non-canon,” since they involve Saida meeting characters from other milieus and settings that would never cross, and some of them definitely have versions of Saida that don’t line up with the way she is in Saida & Autumn. On the other hand, it’s possible that some of them really could fit into Mensura, and some of the vignettes suggest that they’re all dreams—maybe even dreams shared by different versions of Saida across multiple realities. I don’t know if this will ever “mean” something, story-wise, but never say never.

Unlike the other serials, these aren’t really in a specific order, and these stories have their own tagging so they show up in story lists as independent bits.