An archive of furry macrophile stories and the occasional essay written by Arilin Thorferra. For more information about Arilin—or what “furry” or “macrophile” means—visit the About page.

Latest blog entry (January 25, 2019):

Crushing You Softly: Gentle Giants and Rampagers

I’ve been thinking about the perennial divide between “gentle giant” and “eff yeah rampage” types in macrophile fandom lately. The divide is pretty permeable in practice, and for me the mix is…complicated.

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Newest stories

The Mouse Vignettes

Sep 2018 • fantasy, contemporary, vore, mega • explicit sex, violence

A series of flash fiction pieces written from the point of view of a mysterious mouse woman as she finds fascinating and dangerous ways to have fun.

Saida & Autumn (Preview)

Jul 2018 • contemporary, romance • Saida

All things considered, young executive Saida Talirend has a steady, well-to-do lifeand a boring one. Except one or two weekends a month, when she travels to a land where she’s a giantess. That’s the good side; the bad side is there, she sometimes has to deal with a strange, vengeful curse. Even so, those weekends usually don’t have many surprises…until she sees a mysterious young rabbit woman she’s immediately smitten with. A preview of Mensura College: Saida & Autumn, a Patreon-supported serial.

The Sea Monster of Dorgissey Harbour

May 2018 • period piece, romance, vore, comedy

Travel writer Deborah Harding’s come to a small island off the coast of Cornwall, known for its colorful past. What she finds might be just the story she needs to break out of banal feature-writing…if it doesn’t get her killed. A new story, with all new characters, in the world of Goddess and “The Perfect Secretary.”

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