An archive of furry macrophile stories and the occasional essay written by Arilin Thorferra. For more information about Arilinor what “furry” or “macrophile” meansvisit the About page.

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Newest stories

Saida & Autumn (Preview)

Jul 2022 • contemporary, romance • Saida

All things considered, young executive Saida Talirend has a steady, well-to-do lifeand a boring one. Except one or two weekends a month, when she travels to a land where she’s a giantess. That’s the good side; the bad side is there, she sometimes has to deal with a strange, vengeful curse. Even so, those weekends usually don’t have many surprises…until she sees a mysterious young rabbit woman she’s immediately smitten with. A preview of Saida & Autumn, a Patreon-supported serial that’s now a new novel from FurPlanet!

Island Cuisine

Feb 2022 • contemporary, rampage, mega, growth, vore

You’re an above-one-percenter, and you can afford a nice stay at a luxury resort on a private island. Unfortunately for you, Kitana the dracovixen has dropped by during your stay for dinner…

Coyote Sky

Oct 2021 • fantasy, contemporary, rampage, mega, growth

You’ve been invited to an illegal dance party up in the city, one whose mysterious organizers promise real magic by summoning fantastical creatures as sport and entertainment. When they summon an equally magical coyote’taur, they get much more than they bargained for.

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