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The Patreon Experiment

I’ve been running a serialtwo serials!on Patreon for a while. This is looking back at where the project’s been, and where it’s likely to go.

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Newest stories

Lovely Little Fish

Dec 2019 • vore, period piece, mega • Tallulah

Being a modern pirate in the 1930s seemed like it was working out well for you, until you had the misfortune of meeting a fetching otter lass with a unique way of dealing with pirates. A quick vignette featuring Tallulah, the otter from “The Sea Monster of Dorgissey Harbour,” done to get a certain image out of my head. (Spoiler: it didn’t work.)

The Mouse Vignettes

Sep 2018 • fantasy, contemporary, vore, mega • explicit sex, violence

A series of flash fiction pieces written from the point of view of a mysterious mouse woman as she finds fascinating and dangerous ways to have fun.

Saida & Autumn (Preview)

Jul 2018 • contemporary, romance • Saida

All things considered, young executive Saida Talirend has a steady, well-to-do lifeand a boring one. Except one or two weekends a month, when she travels to a land where she’s a giantess. That’s the good side; the bad side is there, she sometimes has to deal with a strange, vengeful curse. Even so, those weekends usually don’t have many surprises…until she sees a mysterious young rabbit woman she’s immediately smitten with. A preview of Mensura College: Saida & Autumn, a Patreon-supported serial.

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