· Featuring Saida
Warning: sexually suggestive

Saida Gets Eaten

Saida and the Otter

Arilin Thorferra

Objectively, the otter girl wasn’t that big, not compared to a Rha’s normal size in this world. She’d barely come up to Saida’s knee. But Saida wasn’t her normal size, she was—like usual these days—this world’s normal size, around five and a half feet tall. Meaning she was the one who didn’t even come up to the otter’s knee.

Not that she was standing up for a precise comparison. She was too busy swimming, harder than she’d ever swum before. The otter had surfaced beside her just a few minutes ago, laughed, and said, “You look good enough to eat.”

And while Saida was a good swimmer—not all cats hated water—well, she wasn’t aquatic. The otter swam literal circles around her, waving mockingly from her left—no, right—oh, goddess, where—

A splash straight ahead as the giantess’s head and shoulders burst out of the water, droplets spraying off her fur and her long brown hair. She held up her hands with webbed fingers spread wide, grinning in a way which Saida couldn’t help find devastatingly attractive. Even so, she shrieked, diving underwater to the right, kicking hard. One of the otter’s big hands barely missed her as she rocketed herself between the woman’s sleek legs.

The only thing less likely than escaping an otter by swimming on the surface would be doing it by swimming underwater, she knew, but they were very close to the shore.

The otter’s right hand appeared to her right, then the left hand to her left. Not grabbing, just paddling. The giantess was right behind her, keeping pace.

Saida whimpered to herself, and put on a final burst of speed, sliding right up onto the sand of the shallows. If she could just—

But she couldn’t. The otter’s lithe arms slid onto the sand to either side of her, and something clamped around her legs, just below the knees. The temperature on her paws went from the mild warmth of the lake water to the heat of the otter girl’s mouth.

Saida screamed, trying to twist away, but it was too late. The girl remained mostly in the lake, lying on her stomach and propping her head and shoulders up on her elbows, the action pulling the “little” cat up into the air dangling from her lips. She brought one of those webbed hands up to steady her prey’s squirming as she swallowed, and all at once Saida’s legs were in the otter’s throat, her hips just against the girl’s lips.

“Let me go!” She wriggled more furiously, able to see the movement of her paws just a little in the throat as she dangled. The feel of the tongue against her legs, sticking out of the otter’s mouth just enough to press right up against her thighs and hips, was… mmph. Her physical reaction might be a bit embarrassing. Hopefully, the wanna-be predator wouldn’t notice, and she could push herself out, somehow, bracing her hands against the big maddeningly cute nose right behind her.

The girl let out a muffled giggle, and used a hand to hold Saida’s arms against her sides before swallowing again, this time just a little. Just enough so her lips sealed around the Rha’s waist, hands trapped as well. And that was that, the cat’s chance of escape going from basically zero to absolutely zero. Saida whined; she could feel the victorious smirk around her as much as see it.

“I am n-not—not a fish—” Saida gasped.

That just got met with another giggle, then a querulous noise as the big tongue under her started… exploring. Saida’s ears folded back, and she squirmed more. “No! Stop—oh—”

The otter didn’t stop. She started sucking on the cat hard enough to slide her back and forth on the tongue, tilting her head back more.

Saida couldn’t do anything but twist. And shiver. And shudder. And moan. The sucking inched her down the otter’s throat further with every pull back, the tongue creeping up her belly and breasts, her body drawn further into the mouth, her legs pulled further into that tight throat. She tried to protest more, but it just came out as a squeak and a mew and a rising whimper—

And a spasm.

The otter let out a squeal of delight that vibrated through Saida’s whole shaking body, and swallowed hard. The Rha’s hips went down over the back of the otter’s throat, and her view changed to the back of the girl’s gleaming predatory teeth. She felt a little extra pressure against her belly again. Was the otter holding her fingers to her throat to feel Saida go past in the final swallow?

She took a ragged, wet breath, trying to gather her thoughts to scream something, anything.

The otter swallowed, and Saida slipped down into the wet blackness of her stomach.

“Mmm,” a voice came from above, barely audible over the rising gurgles. “Fish is lunch. You were dessert.