· Featuring Saida , Jacinta
Warning: explicit sex

Saida Gets Eaten

Saida and the Mink

Arilin Thorferra

Saida stared up at the mink woman’s wide smile—disquietingly wide, given that she held the cat woman in her hand. “What?”

“You heard me, gatita.” Her fingers curled up slightly to form a cup around the tiny Rha. “Strip for me.” It was spoken gently, even seductively, but the warmth didn’t make it any less of a command.

Swallowing, Saida pulled off her T-shirt and slowly slid down her jeans, acutely aware of Jacinta’s bright eyes focused on her. They were both a little tipsy—more than a little, on their third glasses of an outstanding Tempranillo sangria—and as they grew more flirtatious, Saida had rambled about her usual life as a giant, how interesting it was to be small. The woman’s eyes had lit up, and she’d pressed her muzzle to Saida’s ear, whispering, “Would you like to be small around me, gatita?” Saida had answered too honestly, and somehow, here she was.

“All the way?” she whispered, looking up at the relative giantess. She suspected it was much too obvious that the mink looked even hotter to her from this angle, her tight-fitting red dress masterfully accenting the curves under her dark chocolate fur. “We’re…still in public.”

“In a booth at the back of the restaurant. And I can see enough of your body to see you have no reason to hide the rest.” She lowered her muzzle and blew Saida a kiss she could feel the warm wind from. “Please.”

Ears burning, Saida finished undressing. Jacinta smiled widely again, gaze openly roving around the little cat’s body. Then she brushed back her curly ebony tresses off one shoulder and gathered the clothes with her free hand, tucking them down out of sight into her cleavage. Saida couldn’t help stare.

“I could tuck you in there, too,” the mink murmured, and winked. “I think I have just enough chest I could hide you completely. But…I would like to finish my drink with you, hmm?”

Saida blinked up. “I don’t—”

Jacinta’s hand moved over her sangria glass, and started to tip.

“Hey!” Saida flailed, and hung onto one of the woman’s fingers. It didn’t help; she giggled and just lowered that finger until the cat started to sink into the sweet, cold wine. Then she gave her hand a little shake. Saida lost her grip and fell the rest of the way in with a shriek.

Jacinta lifted the glass off the table and swirled it. For a moment, Saida went completely under the surface, bouncing off ice and chopped fruit bits. She surfaced, spluttering. “This is cold!”

“Yes, I can see the…effect it is having on you.” The mink’s tone grew more suggestive.

Yet again, Saida flushed, and wrapped her arms around a white grape. “You were already having that effect on me,” she muttered.

“Oh?” She lifted the glass to her lips. “Did you say you are excited to be where you are, gatita?

“That’s not—” Saida gasped as the glass tipped up and Jacinta took a long, slow sip. The suction pulled her against soft, wet black lips. She braced herself, hands sinking into the surrounding white muzzle fur.

“Delicious,” the woman murmured, dragging the tip of her tongue up the cat’s front. Saida couldn’t stop a moan from escaping, which got met with a soft giggle. “Oh, you like being a garnish, don’t you.”

“I don’t like being eaten,” Saida protested.

Jacinta drew the glass away and looked at Saida with a curious smile. “You make that sound as if it’s happened to you before.”

Saida’s ears folded back.

“It has, hasn’t it? Oh, my.” She brought the glass to her lips again, taking another slow drink, draining most of the liquid left. At the end, she opened her mouth and pulled the grape Saida clung to—and the cat’s arms—between her lips.


Saida felt the giant tongue brush around her arms, curl, and pull the grape away. The woman slowly lifted her head, letting the cat’s arms slide away and her little body splash back into what was left of the wine. Tilting her head up just enough to expose her long, sleek throat, she audibly swallowed the grape whole.

Saida whimpered, shuddering.

Jacinta looked down at her, half-lidding her eyes. “You are just too tempting to resist, gatita. But we will have another date after this, won’t we?”

Saida slid around in the glass, finding herself hyperventilating. Despite the cold, she felt prickly hot. “Another date where you eat me again?”

She blew the Rha a kiss. “That depends on how much I enjoy eating you now, little one. And how much you enjoy being eaten.” Jacinta lifted the glass to her lips. “Show me how much, mi gatita de postre.” She slowly opened her mouth. Wide.

Saida stared ahead at the perfect, glistening white fangs—then, as the glass tilted sharply up, her face and chest slid between them with a yelp. As she spluttered in the mix of saliva and brandy-infused wine, the mink’s lips closed just below her hips.

Okay, yes, the mink was hot and knew it and had zeroed in on Saida’s buttons with alarming speed, but she didn’t want to—

The woman sucked her in far enough to curl her tongue tip between Saida’s legs, leaving the Rha’s lower legs outside of her mouth in the cool, dry restaurant air while the rest of her soaked in the humid sweetness of Jacinta’s muzzle.

Then the tongue moved. Saida moved with it, back against Jacinta’s palate, chest compressed by the hot, wet tongue, tip tight against her sex. She kicked and bucked, and couldn’t stop herself from clenching around the muscle, riding it as it pumped against her.

“Mmmm.” Jacinta’s pleased moan vibrated through her. Was it her taste? Was it the sight of her helpless legs kicking outside the lips? Both? Dammit, the realization the gorgeous mink had gotten thoroughly turned on just made her even more—oh—

She spasmed, letting out a gasping yowl, and spasmed again as the woman tilted her head all the way back—and a third time as she was swallowed down. She could tell by the pressure that Jacinta had pressed her fingers to her throat to feel her go past.

As she reached the churning stomach, the acrid scent of impending digestion almost overwhelmed by the scent of fruit and alcohol, she could feel the body around her gasping, too. “Oh, I will definitely eat you again, gatita. I hope you look forward to it as much as I do.”