· Featuring Saida , Meri , Theli
Warning: explicit sex

Saida Gets Eaten

Saida and the Demon Mice

Arilin Thorferra

Saida looked over at the smart speaker new to the apartment’s kitchen. It was Autumn’s gadget, but it’d probably recognize her voice, too. “Hey Bartleby,” she tried, “stream some music.”

The speaker’s top light flickered. “Come again?”

“Stream some music.”

“Okay,” the speaker replied. “Summoning a demon.”

She turned from her seat at the desk, giving it an exasperated look. Then all the lights in the apartment dimmed, and candles on Autumn’s desk ignited by themselves.

Saida’s ears went back. “Bartleby, stop!”

“Okay, stopping.” The lights came back on.

What the hell? Were magic students creating arcane Bartleby skills? Nothing could possibly go wrong with that idea. Shaking her head, she got up to start streaming some music the relatively old-fashioned way.

The lights flickered again. She had just enough time to repeat “What the hell?” out loud before flames roared around her. Saida yelped, curling into a ball reflexively.

When the flames died down, she uncurled, blinking rapidly. Wherever she was, it wasn’t her apartment; she crouched on a weathered wooden floor in the center of a rough, wide chalk circle. No, not a floor. A platform. And around here was—

“Got it!” a woman’s voice overhead squealed in glee. Squealed might not be the right word: she had the undertone of restrained thunder only a giant had. Oh, no.

Saida looked up, and her jaw dropped. She thought she’d steeled herself, but she wasn’t just looking up at a giant mouse woman. She wasn’t just looking up at two giant mouse women. She was looking up at two giant mouse demons, one to either side of the platform. The surface put her at their chest level—made glaringly obvious by one of them, the one who’d spoken, resting her breasts on it.

The demonic appearance wasn’t subtle. They had long horns, the redhead’s horns straight and goat-like, the brunette’s curved and ram-like. Their eyes—both pairs focused on the comparatively tiny cat woman—glowed a dim red. They were both nude, and both hot. Not “midway between sexy and cute” hot, but “cute turned up to 11 and sexy turned up to 99” hot.

“So.” The brunette—the one who wasn’t resting her massive tits on the table—clapped her hands. “You’ve got us.”

It took a few tries for Saida to answer, voice hoarse. “Wh…what?”

“You cast ‘summon demon,’ but failed.”

“So we helped you by casting ‘summon morsel,’” the redhead continued.

“‘Mortal,’” the brunette corrected, but licked her lips.

“I didn’t! I m-mean, I accidentally triggered a spell, but I stopped it. I’m sorry if I disturbed you both. If you can just, uh, send me—mewp!

Saida and the demon mice
Illustration by Ken Cougr

The redhead gently knocked Saida down onto her back with a finger, then held her tail to the table with it. “There’s something that seems fun about you, little kitty.”

“More than just the fun of playing cat and mouse,” the brunette added. “By the way, we win! So, what is it about you?”

“Nothing!” Saida protested. “Let me go! Please!”

The redhead lifted her finger, sitting up enough to lift her chest—each breast bigger than her head—off the table. She gave Saida just long enough to sit up before she cupped one of those immense tits, leaned over, and let it smash down on the Rha. “No.”

Saida felt like she’d been simultaneously hugged by an incredibly buxom woman and run over by a cement mixer. She couldn’t draw in enough air to scream. Her flailing hands brushed along the giantess’s aureole, earning a giggle that just increased the pressure.

“Wait, wait, wait,” the brunette said. Giant fingers grabbed the cat and slid her out from under the redhead’s chest, then hauled her into the air, held between the mouse’s thumb and forefinger. “I’ve got it. See her aura?” She traced a rune with her other hand, and lights shimmered around Saida.

“Oh!” The redhead leaned closer, grinning with delight. “That’s outstanding. It’s almost like she’s made for us!”

“Wh…what?” Saida gasped.

Abruptly all her clothes fell to the table in shreds. Her tail flicked wildly as the brunette holding her tilted her head back, opening her mouth. Saida gathered enough breath for a hoarse whimper. She knew what came next.

Except it wasn’t exactly what she expected. The mouse’s lips sealed around her waist, legs, and hips inside the hot mouth, and the demon thrust her tongue up between her legs. Saida squeak-gasped.

After a moment, the sight before her wide eyes became the redhead’s approaching muzzle. “Whoever gets her to orgasm swallows?”

“Mmm-hmm.” The other demon’s response vibrated her tongue, making Saida squirm more.

“No!” But Saida clearly wasn’t getting a vote here. The approaching mouth opened wide, and the tongue extended to press against her face and chest and stomach. Gleaming giant square teeth passed by overhead, and the two sets of lips met.

As the tongues slid around her, Saida’s fur quickly went from soaked to slick. Wet suckling noises and matched mmmms sounded all around, vibrating through her, the pressure making her ears pop. Then they started playing: the redhead sucked the Rha almost all the way into her mouth, tongue-tip curling between her legs. The brunette pulled her back in nearly all the way. Oh, Goddess, this was—she couldn’t help letting out a moan. Both mice let out knowing giggles.

The redhead suckled on her hard, bringing her almost all the way to the back of the mouse’s throat. Turning the soaked cat around, she thrust her tongue between the Rha’s legs and pushing her back out through her teeth and lips. Saida’s head and shoulders burst into clear, comparatively cold air, and she shuddered violently, breath starting to come in staccato bursts.

“Oh,” the brunette cooed, “you’re so close. We know what you like, morsel, don’t we?” She licked her lips, parting them very slowly in front of the Rha, letting strands of saliva glisten.

Saida whined, shivering and staring. “No—no—oh—”

The giantess abruptly brought her mouth forward, closing her lips around Saida’s top third with a predatory growl, sucking on her hard enough to jerk her into the muzzle up to her knees.

“You’ve got her,” the redhead murmured approvingly.

Saida kicked futilely, trying desperately to hold back, to prove them wrong. Then the brunette slurped her in the rest of the way, noisily, wetly, pinning the cat against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. And Saida’s last hold broke. She came, hard, pumping her hips almost against her will, shrieking ecstatically in the giantess’s mouth. And against the back of her throat. And sliding down her gullet.

“Oh, she was fantastic,” her predator said. “We’re going to have to—” Saida couldn’t make out the rest over the rising din of the demonic digestive system. And even as it took her, she was still on fire from that maddeningly overwhelming orgasm.

The Rha woke in groggy confusion. Normally, she came to after an…unfortunate adventure in bed. But this definitely wasn’t her bed, and it…wasn’t…

Oh, goddess. She was on a pillow. A giant pillow. The two demon mice sat on the same bed, watching her with excited grins.

“No,” she whined. “When I come back, I wake up—back—”

“You will, little morsel.” The redhead scooped her up in a hand. “Just not yet.”

Her ears folded back. “Y…you want to eat me, too?”

“Oh, I will.” She licked her lips.

“But for the rest of the night, you’re a toy,” the brunette murmured. “We so rarely get toys that won’t break after one use!” She grinned. “Well, toys that repair themselves after breaking, at least.”

The redhead lidded her eyes seductively. “So does the little cat go between my lover’s legs first, or under her tail?”

Saida’s eyes got wide again. “I—I—”

The demoness holding her blew her a kiss. “I wasn’t asking you.” She lowered the little Rha toward the other demon’s hips.