Tell Me to Stop

Saida shrugged. “Doesn’t everyone think of you as giant on campus?” The feline giantess stepped over a gas station rather than cutting around it. Customers gawked up. Even though she wore tight denim shorts rather than a skirt, it had to be an interesting view.

“Yes.” The coyote girl hurried after the Rha, waving apologies to gaping, honking motorists. “But not like you. You’re over eighty feet tall. I’m only up to your knee.”

“‘Only,’ when the rest of the world’s at your knee.” She laughed, making her way across the road toward one of the school’s side campus entrances.

The giantess didn’t give the appearance of paying attention where she put her feet. Even so, she barely seemed to be causing more than minimal damagea cracked gutter or sidewalk, a couple curbside trash cans knocked over (fortunately for their owners, already emptied). “Yes, only!” Riona gestured around, hurrying across the street herself when it was clear. “Gosh, ma’am, I cause more damage than you do when I’m not careful.”

Saida’s plush tail swished over Riona’s head, and she grinned down. “I’m always careful. I’m just good at making it look like I’m not.” She held the huge gate open for the relatively small coyote.

“That’s why I called you. I don’t know too many other giants as well as you.”

They walked off the path across a field that sloped gently downward, nestling them among low hills still big enough to hide someone Saida’s size. This area of the campus wasn’t reserved for giants, strictly speaking, but a little trying to hike from the gate to the closest campus building would have well over an hour’s walk ahead of them.

“So do you have permission for this experiment of yours? I couldn’t help notice you got pretty evasive when I asked how you got this potion.” Saida sat down at the bottom of the hill.

“Well. The student who made the potion gave it to me, and she knows I plan to use it, so that’s permission enough, right?” Riona reached into her handbag and pulled out an aerosol bottle.

“Mmm.” Saida leaned over, squinting. “It’s a spray?”

“Yeah. It should work on my clothes, too.” The coyote dropped the bag, and started spraying it over her body, starting at her digitigrade paws and working up. The mist sparkled when it touched her fur.

The feline giantess flinched back. “How does it know not to work on other stuff?”

“Just getting a little on the grass or carpet isn’t going to do anything. It needs a certain…concentration, I guess.” The coyote’s lower half was sparkling now, and she worked her way up toward her head.

“And you said it makes people about a hundred feet tall.”

“That’s what the strength is.” She spritzed along her arms, then her head, closing her eyes. “And it should wear off in about a day.”

“Right.” Saida watched Riona put the bottle back in her handbag, then straighten up, looking at herself. The coyote was still sparkling, but not growing. “So how long does it take before you know if it works?”

“It should beoh.” Riona sucked in her breath, making a pained expression. “Aah!” She grewnot by a lot, but all at once. Then did it again.

Saida scooted back, eyes widening. The sounds weren’t pleasant, like joints popping over and overprogressively larger joints, as the coyote girl jerkily grew to about half again as large as she’d been, then twice that. Then about a third of that again. And again.

Riona dropped to her knees, biting back a scream. Her ears were about level with the Rha’s chestthen, after another burst, a bit higher than the Rha’s ears.

Saida reached out. “Hey, are you

Then another burst came, and now Saida’s ears were level with Riona’s chest. The Rha blinked.

Riona opened her eyes, gritting her teethand grew again. If anything, the sparkling was intensifying.

“Uh, Riona…” Saida got to her feet. Standing, she was about eye-level with the sitting coyote girl. At least for another couple of seconds.

“Stop growing!” The Rha flailed her arms. “You said a hundred feet tall! You’re probably closer to two hundred feet!”

“W-well…” Riona got out, then wheezed as she grew again. “It makes someone my friend’s size a hundred feet tall. I’m…starting bigger. Unf!” Another pop of growth. Riona dropped to all fours.

Saida stared. Ears to paws, she was about as long as one of Riona’s arms now. And the coyote girl was still sparkling. “You knew?” she spluttered.

“Ididn’t” Riona took a heaving gasp as another burst of growth left the Rha looking well up at the coyote’s shoulder now. The sparkling was fading. “No.” Riona slowly sat back, breathing hard., looking around from her new vantage point. “I didn’t…didn’t know. We thought it was maybe a…a three-quarters chance, though.”

“That’s knowing! H-how am I supposed to help you learn how to be a careful giantess my size when you’re not my size? If you stood up I’d barely come past your knee now!”

Riona looked down, and smiled. “Actually…” She pushed herself back to get her paws under her, then slowly, ever so slowly, stood. Those paws, now nearly half the length of Saida’s body, sank deep into the grass. “Not even to my knee, ma’am.”

Saida stared up, ears flattening. The coyote giantess was right; the Rha didn’t reach her knee. “That…doesn’t change my question.”

“Well.” Riona leaned over, putting her hands on her knees, and grinned straight down. “I admit right now, I don’t feel like being careful. I feel like watching cars disappear under my paws.”

Saida swallowed, plush tail flicking, broadcasting her increasing nervousness. “That’s the sort of behavior that gets giants in a lot of trouble. If you’re lucky it’s just massive property damage.”

“I know, I know.” Riona dropped to her kneesslowly, but not slowly enough to keep the ground from shaking. A tree branch in the distance fell with a crack; Saida couldn’t see it from her vantage point, but she knew the sound. “I’ll resist the temptation. Although I do feel like testing…one thing. Rumors I’ve heard.” Her huge brown eyes settled on the cat.

“What’s that?” Saida tried to keep her voice nonchalant, but it wasn’t working. Eighty feet high wasn’t supposed to feel this small.

In response, Riona leaned over. A shapely pointed muzzle nearly half as long as Saida’s body came down, nose bigger than the Rha’s head. She took a reflexive step back, only to run into the coyote’s hand.

Then Riona’s jaws parted, and her huge tongue swept up the cat, from knees to face. Firmly. Slowly. Wetly.

Saida spluttered, but couldn’t stop a soft little moan from escaping, her breath quickening.

“Then that’s true,” Riona murmured, barely above a whisper. Her jaws were right over Saida’s head. “You’re turned on by that, ma’am.”

Saida winced, and tried to step away from the coyote’s hand, turning away. “I…th-that’s…you shouldn’t

She got cut off by another lick, this time along her whole back, again from knees to hair. The Rha found herself grasping at the giant hand for support rather than pulling away.

“Take advantage,” Riona murmured. “I know. But I’ve always thought you were sexy…and I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at me when you thought I wasn’t looking.”

“And I didn’t take advantage of that!” Saida swallowed hard, clearly trying to control herself. “I didn’t take advantage of how much bigger I was! You’re barely old enough to drink and you still kind of look like you’re sixteen!”

Riona laughed, sitting upthen closed her hand around the damp cat, lifting her into the air like an oversized doll and turning her around to face the coyote. “You don’t have to worry about taking advantage of me now, ma’am, do you?”

Saida wriggled in the coyote’s grip, ears folded back, although her expression wasn’t one of fear. Not just of fear, at least. She couldn’t help but let her eyes travel over the younger woman’s chest and hipsthey took up most of her field of vision. “Th-that’s not what I’m worried about at the moment,” she said hoarsely.

The coyote laughed again, lifting Saida up so she was eye-to-eye with the bigger giantess, then touched her nose lightly to Saida’s chest. When she spoke, her words vibrated the cat, moist breath wafting over the cat’s torso and thighs. “If you tell me to stop now, ma’am, I will.” She drew her tongue achingly slowly along one of the Rha’s legs, curling it, feeling the cat start to writhe and squirm in her hands, her breath quickening. “But if you wait too much longer…I might not.”

Stifling another moan, Saida found herself gripping Riona’s muzzle for support. “God. Wh-what…other…rumors have you heard about me?”

“Mmm. I think you know.” Riona lifted her head so her jaws were level with the Rha’s face, and ran the tip of her huge pink tongue over her black lips. “You’ve become one of the ones who…comes back, if something fatal happens to you.”

She didn’t reply. Her ears just folded back into her hair again.

“You still haven’t told me to stop.” The coyote kept her voice soft, still barely above a whisper, tone warm. “Take off your shirt and shorts, ma’am.”

Saida’s eyes widened. “Uh…Riona, I don’t think I like wh-where this is going.” Her eyes flicked to the coyote’s throat ruff.

“Just tell me,” she whispered, “and I’ll set you down. Or undress…and I won’t.”

The Rha stared, ears slightly forward now but deeply flushed. After long seconds, she reached to her shirt and pulled it off over her head. Riona shifted her grip enough to give Saida access, but not enough that the cat could get free.

She let the shirt fall to the ground. Then, after taking a deep breath, she unsnapped her shorts and pushed them down, kicking until they fell, too.

Riona moved her head away, letting her huge eyes travel up and down the Rha’s nearly unclothed form. “Your panties are a lovely shade of blue, ma’am.” She grinned.

“I…uh…thank you.”

Keeping her big eyes locked on Saida’s, Riona lifted the cat up again, and extended her tongue. This time she didn’t lick as much as just slowly rub the cat up and down its surface. “Mmm. Mmmm.” The coyote tilted her head slightly to the side, looking blissful, as if she were enjoying a rich ice cream cone.

“God. Riona, I shouldn’t…shouldn’t let…” Saida’s words dissolved into staccato breaths as the coyote’s tongue slipped between her legs, forcing the to Rha straddle it for a few seconds.

The tongue swiped back into Riona’s mouth, and she tilted her head back, giving the panting cat a clear view of her throat as she swallowed. “Mmmmm.” Her tone moved past bliss into teasing lasciviousness. “Shouldn’t let me do what?”

Saida swallowed, too, shivering, staring at the coyote’s throat, wider than her whole littlenot little, damn it, giantbody. “I-I’m not going to be the small one most of the time.”

“No. But you are now.” The coyote’s head tilted back down, and she slowly set the Rha down on the grass, keeping her eyes locked on her as she moved to crouch over her on all fours. “What,” she murmured, “shouldn’t you…let…me do?”

It took Saida three tries to get the words out. “Eat me.”

“‘Let’ is such a funny word, don’t you think?” She tilted her head to the side and closed her lips around Saida’s hips and rear, suckling firmly once. The cat gasped, hips bucking.

Riona trailed her tongue up the cat’s side, and continued speaking, muzzle brushing Saida’s ear. “Right now I want the big, strong Rha I’m usually knee-high to let me just…” Abruptly, she slid the giantess into her muzzle headfirst, all the way to her stomach.

Both cat and coyote moaned. The cat kept moaning as the coyote’s black lips slipped up past her chest, then shoulders, then head. Saida looked up, panting again, knees buckling slightly as she found herself looking into Riona’s mouth. This time the strand of glistening drool ran from the coyote’s fang to the cat’s nose. “Last chance,” Riona whispered. “Tell me to stop. Ma’am.”

The Rha caught her breath, lost it, caught it again. Her gaze flicked between the coyote’s eyes and her jaws, and she opened her own mouth as if to speak. She shook her head once. Her tail flicked wildly.

But, even as the coyote’s smile grew wider, grew victorious, she didn’t say anything.

Riona’s jaws closed around her head and shoulders again, then slid down past her chest, her stomach, even her hips, and the tongue curled between her legs. Her hips bucked again.

And this time, the huge coyote, still on all fours, tilted her head up, lifting the Rha into the air effortlessly.

Saida’s legs began to kick, frantically, a little spasmodically. Her taste ran the gamut from fear to intense arousal. Riona shuddered herself. She wasn’t as predatory as she sometimes liked to give the impression of, but she’d…enjoyed…catching live prey on occasion before. But it was rarely like this. It might never have been like this.

She tilted her head back more, swallowing just a little, feeling Saida’s head against the back of her throat. The cat squealed, fluffy tail flicking wildly outside the coyote’s lips.

Taking a deep breath, the coyote suckled hard on the cat. Once. Twice. Ah, there the bucking was, in time with the sucking. She twisted her tongue-tip between the Rha’s legs, sucking harder. Three times. Four

Another moan and a squeal, and a distinct flavor change.

Riona swallowed hard, and the legs jerked into her mouth up to the knees, then swallowed once more, until she could feel Saida’s hips against the back of her throat, feel the cat inside her gullet, feel the legs kick helplessly against the back of her teeth.

She rolled onto her side, clenching her own hips as a wave of arousal hit her nearly as hard as what she’d tweaked out of the Rha. The mega-coyote moaned around her prey, putting one hand to her throat and the other between her legs, then swallowed hard.

And with another spasmtwo spasms, one Riona’s and one Saida’sit was over. She rolled onto her back, panting, then wiped drool from her muzzle, resting her hands on her stomach. Could she feel…ah, yes. Movement. Squirming.

“Oh,” she murmured, then spoke more clearly, grinning at the stars. “You’re going to keep being turned on in there, aren’t you, ma’am, until you digest? That is such a creative curse.”

She felt a twitch and thought she could hear a whimper, then a weak protest. Then another twitch, and a whimper that had just a bit of a rising moan to it.

Riona laughed, and closed her eyes. “And, yes, next time I see you, I’ll be the small one. But we’ll both know you didn’t tell me to stop. And I think from now on, you’ll call me ‘ma’am.’ Won’t you, little Saida?”

She wasn’t sure if the noise she heard from inside her was a weak yes, ma’am or just another moan from the poor cat. But as she drifted off to sleep, it didn’t matter. The Rha would remember this night. Vividly. And sometime, they’d have dinner again.

Maybe next time she could tease Saida into asking for it.

November 2017