Rabbit in the Moon

A comics artist known for drawing giantesses gets dragged to an outdoor rave by his roommate and set up on a blind date there. The roommate knows something he doesn’t…

Warning: explicit sex


A lion travels to post-colonial Africa to negotiate with an impala tribe on behalf of the Royal African Mining Company, expecting to have the upper hand in a game of diplomacy. He hadn’t expected to be knee-high to the tribal ambassador.

In For a Penny

An impatient feline clerk in a shop for wizards loses his patience with two imperious mouse customers, and tries to take advantage of his size over them—but customers of magic shops might be more than they appear.

The Last Aspect

A religious rift has driven the country into war with itself. The ruling powers devise a plan to halt the heresy by building a giant, intelligent, and beautiful weapon.

Toy Soldiers

Two human soldiers pursue a terrorist group through a dimensional jump gate and discover a new complication: on a world of giant animal-people, a group of teenage catgirls thinks they’re the best dolls ever.

Metamorphosis Day

One day, everything simply…changed. Wild creatures—from rabbits to wolves—at massive scales began appearing. As normalcy crumbles, the survivors try to adjust to a new world of “grand animals” and comparatively very, very small humans.

Seeing the Angel

A normal-sized person becoming giant and instantly turning into a rampaging monster has become a macrophile trope. This isn’t exactly a story about that—it’s a story about the aftermath of that.

The Model

A rabbit photographer comes across a giant coyote woman sleeping in the desert, and ends up having a far more adventurous photo shoot than he’d expected.

· Featuring Smoke
Warning: explicit sex

Bargaining With Kali

In a decaying dystopian future, a world-weary policeman is called to an unbelievable hostage situation—a brilliant anarchist hacker has somehow become a giantess.


A traveling trinket seller visits a town with giant troubles, and offers to solve their problem—for a price. And a deal is a deal.

Cheating at Solitaire

Four mice play a dangerous game with a sociopathic feline giantess, with one simple goal: be out in the open in her apartment and survive. But the odds against them may be higher than they know. This story introduced Arilin—as a villain.