The Great Game

The world is on the brink of nuclear war. An intelligence analyst plagued by apocalyptic nightmares wakes up to an impossibly huge rat woman effortlessly destroying a city. As he tries to stop her, very human politics get in the way—and he realizes he’s not only attracted to her, but in some mysterious way, connected to her.

Tell Me to Stop

Riona, the young coyote “mini-giantess,” convinces Arilin’s cousin Saida to help her test out growth magic. But it becomes clear Riona wants to test the limit of Saida’s curse…including just how much trouble the coyote can tease the cat into. A short vignette that’s mostly an excuse for seductive vore. (The story of Saida’s curse is told in “A Matter of Small Consequence”.)

The Perfect Secretary

Regina Flint is a mouse woman in trouble with the law—and a size-shifter. Vincent Kerwin is a respectable businessfox with a secret. He has a proposition for Miss Flint, to remake herself as his secretary. But not everyone in his organization is pleased with the idea, and the more she throws her weight around, the more tensions rise…


If there are other intelligent species in the universe, why haven’t any of them made contact with us? One theory is that once they hit a certain point of development—a point about where humanity is now—something catastrophic happens to them. Flash fiction (only 600 words) based on a daydream.

A Day With No Tide

The goddess of death, weary with the demands of her function, is offered an extraordinary gift by the goddess of love—but some gifts carry unintended dangers for beings such as Inanael. (Only peripherally macrophile, but worth the read if you like the character/mythology.)

A Matter of Small Consequence

Saida, Arilin’s younger cousin, isn’t sociopathic, but she’s quite comfortable as a giantess in a world of littles. Not everyone else is as comfortable with it as she is, though, and one little with extraordinary power seems to have taken it on himself to turn the tables on some giants…


The apartment complex you live in was never good, but now it has an impossible predator roaming unstoppably. Can you stop her? Do you want to? Flash fiction for Halloween 2015, inspired by RenaAyama’s character Abyss.


Six years ago, Cyril came across a coyote giantess and found himself terrified, teased––and obsessed. He has photos he doesn’t dare share, but has begun to doubt even that apparent proof. Now, on a new trip documenting a beautiful wilderness destined for destruction, he gets more than he bargained for.

The Order of Things

After watching a wolf woman stomp his friend to death, Rowan the fox plots revenge. But when his triumph is within reach, can he really be as cruel as he needs to be—and is the wolf really what he imagines?

explicit sex, sub/dom themes

Knight Protector

A medieval village beset by a mysterious monster appoints a reluctant mouse as its newest knight. Alfie decides to ignore the advice foisted on him by the village’s leader, though, and discovers the “monster” is something entirely different than what he’d been led to believe.

An Unconventional Valet

An amiable upper class layabout finds—or is found by—a tigress named Jeeves, who flouts the gender roles of the age and becomes his personal assistant. When his aunt’s family business has a crisis, though, he discovers Jeeves has more powers than her impeccable taste.

True Power

At a Halloween party, a group of friends tries to summon a demon. Most of them aren’t serious about the ritual…but one of them is. And while the demon may not be after anyone’s soul, she has her own reasons for appearing.