Ordered by publication date, most recent to last. Also see the indexes by genre, character and title.

Knight Protector

Nov 2012 • fantasy, comedy

A medieval village beset by a mysterious monster appoints a reluctant mouse as its newest knight. Alfie decides to ignore the advice foisted on him by the village’s leader, though, and discovers the “monster” is something entirely different than what he’d been led to believe.

An Unconventional Valet

Feb 2012 • period piece

An amiable upper class layabout findsor is found bya tigress named Jeeves, who flouts the gender roles of the age and becomes his personal assistant. When his aunt’s family business has a crisis, though, he discovers Jeeves has more powers than her impeccable taste.

True Power

Oct 2011 • horror, contemporary, vore • Shyirae

At a Halloween party, a group of friends tries to summon a demon. Most of them aren’t serious about the ritual…but one of them is. And while the demon may not be after anyone’s soul, she has her own reasons for appearing.

The Collector

Sep 2011 • horror, contemporary, vore • explicit sex

A vignette about a young human fascinated by furry giantesses who’s talked his way into being taken home by a beautiful giant raccoon woman. What she wants out of the encounter might not be what he does.

The Admission Interview

Jul 2011 • contemporary, vore • Riona

A troubled coyote girlor perhaps a coyote girl who’s a lot of troubleapplies to a “last chance” high school, and tries to convince her interviewers to let her attend.

Claiming the Moon

Apr 2011 • fantasy, contemporary, mega, vore • Sarah

Sarah, a half-faerie red wolf woman, has size-shifting and magical powers tied to the moon’s phase. On the night of a supermoon, she discovers her powers exponentially more powerfuland loses herself in them. Will there be much of a planet left by the time she recovers? Of course, with faerie magic, things are often more complicated than that in the end…

Good Kitties

Apr 2011 • contemporary, micro • explicit sex

Two cats go in search of an attractive punk mouse girl they’d met at a club the previous night, intrigued by the blunt way she’d said she could “own” them. Are they calling her bluff…or getting collared?

Top Predator

Mar 2011 • horror, vore

A quick and brutal vignette inspired by Strega’s picture of a giraffe woman eating a lioness. More vore than macro, except to the degree that giraffes are naturally giant.

The Banishing Spell

Jan 2011 • fantasy, romance, period piece • Juniper

Jeve and Juniper from “The Familiar” return! Jeve, now moderately successful as a traveling wizard, takes on what should be a simple case of banishing a minor demon while musing on the greater challenge of his relationship to the coyote spirit.

Malgin and the Queen of Death

Jun 2010 • fantasy • Inanael

A myth featuring Inanael, the goddess of death, who first appeared here in “If Lethe Should Be Passed.”

The Familiar

Dec 2009 • fantasy, period piece • Juniper

Jeve has become an itinerant magician in a land where magic is being eclipsed by the new wonders of engineering and steam. His bad luck, though, changes when he finds a coyote familiarone who may be much more than she appears.

If Lethe Should Be Passed

Jul 2009 • fantasy, horror • Inanael, Arilin, Shyirae

While Arilin long ago settled into the world of the Giants’ Club and the college she teaches at, at times she’s haunted not merely by her past but by that present: in a land where godlike power sometimes seems to flow like water, being a “mere” giantess can feel almost inconsequential. An unusual acquaintance presents an opportunity for her to confront past and present togetheron a trip to the land of the dead.

Higher Learning

Dec 2005 • fantasy, contemporary • Arilin

Years after she’d been ripped from her early life, Arilin Thorferra is less sociopath than socialite. Contacts she’s made at the club she’d started, though, have convinced her to try her hand at something she’d never dreamed of: teaching students at a new college for both littles and giants alike. In theory, it’s right up her alley. In practice, she might be in over her head, giantess or not.

Trompe L’oeil

Feb 2005 • magic realism, mega

A genius painter is famed for creating living artwork, and his masterpiece is a vixen that becomes whatever the audience images her to be: lover, pet, femme fataleor apocalypse.

Easter Eggs

May 2004 • contemporary, comedy

A caustic but brilliant programmer is dragged by her friend to a new virtual reality game installation. While she starts out more irritated than excited, she finds an interesting bug to exploit, letting both of them wreak cartoonish havocat least while they can remain a step or two ahead of management.