Warning: explicit sex, sub/dom themes

Two cats go in search of an attractive punk mouse girl they’d met at a club the previous night, intrigued by the blunt way she’d said she could “own” them. Are they calling her bluff…or getting collared?

Good Kitties

Arilin Thorferra

“Well,” Alex said, crossing his arms and glancing around. “Sure a romantic neighborhood.” As good urbanites they’d taken a cab ride here, miles from downtown into a warehouse district they’d heard of but never visited before. The weeklies said this area was next up for gentrification, but you couldn’t tell by looking around: crumbling sidewalks ran past rusty roll-up doors set on the sides of seemingly abandoned warehouses. Late in the evening, the yellowing street lamps did little to reduce the shadows. “Sure this is the address?” He glanced at the taxi retreating into the distance, the only moving car they could see.

“Yep,” Bryan said, ambling down the street. “300 Park.”

“We could have gone with the two lynx girls.” The two cats—both tabbies, Bryan grey and Alex orange—were dressed in T-shirts and denim shorts. “Instead we’re out here trying to find that freaky mouse.”

“Dude, do not tell me you don’t like freaky mice. I’ve seen some of the porn you have.”

“Shut up,” Alex muttered, ears folding back. The “freaky mouse” they’d met last night, Corinne, stood barely five feet tall and dressed in black everything, from a studded leather collar down to her high heel boots. Her fur was pure white—except for her hair, falling well past her shoulders in wild streaks of dyed red and black. As long as you got into the mix of punk and goth—and both of them did—she was hellaciously attractive.

They turned the corner and came to the building’s entrance. No buzzer. Bryan tried the doorknob; it turned. “Huh.” The hallway behind it was industrial bohemian: outside wall of brick, inside wall of buffed sheet metal, floor of polished concrete. It followed the outside wall for a dozen paces, then turned and receded into the distance, dimly lit by recessed fixtures along the metal wall, a door every thirty feet or so.

“There,” Bryan said, as if the view proved a point. “Pretty swank.”

“Mmm.” Alex followed with his hands in his hip pockets until they came to the door marked Unit 4, and rang its doorbell.

After a few moments the door unlatched and swung open. Corinne stood behind it, looking much as they’d remembered, down to the boots and collar. She’d taken off the heavier jacket, but left on the black corset; she’d have an hourglass figure even without it, but the corset focused attention on her cleavage to an unhealthy point. Her bright black eyes focused on them. “Well. Bryan and Alex from last night.”

“We told you we’d be by,” Bryan said breezily, doing his best to stare at her eyes and not her corset.

She crossed her arms. “When I said you should come by later if you dared, I meant last night.”

“Hey, it was late,” he said, trying to sound apologetic. “Forgive us?”

“It’ll cost you.” She stepped out of the way and motioned them in, latching the door behind them.

The apartment behind had a ceiling two stories high over just one huge room, with walls of bare polished concrete and floors of cherry wood. The small kitchen by the front entrance sported black stone countertops and stainless steel appliances. The far side of the room served as the “bedroom,” with a queen-sized bed; the living area had two sofas and a few chairs and end tables. No dining room table, but three bar stools by the kitchen island. All of the light fixtures were chrome pendant style, lighting some spots brightly and leaving others shadowed.

“This is nice,” Bryan said, looking around. “Downtown this would be like a million dollars.” Alex nodded mute agreement.

“I know,” Corinne said, waving them toward one of the sofas. “Sit down and tell me why you came.”

The two cats sat and looked at one another. “Okay,” Bryan began with his best grin. “See, last night I met a hot mouse girl who talks like she beats on alpha wolves for sport.”

“You started hitting on me. And telling me I was his type at the same time.” She gestured at Alex, whose ears pinkened slightly. “You asked if I was as tough as I dressed.”

Bryan crossed his arms, grinning. “You said yes.”

“I said I could own you.” She’d remained standing while they sat; as she spoke, she leaned forward, putting her hands on her knees. “Are you both really that subby, or did you come to call my bluff?”

Alex made a spluttering noise, but Bryan raised a hand. “Look, okay, okay. The latter. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be surprised.”

“If you were sure I was bluffing, you wouldn’t be here.” She turned to look at Alex.

“Well.” He spread his hands. “You said both of us should come. I kind of figured you had some, uh, wild mouse girlfriend you wanted to double date with.”

“No. I want both of you.” She ran her tongue across her lips, showing the silver stud in it briefly. “That’s okay with you, right?”

Alex’s eyes widened. “Uh. Yeah,” he said hesitantly.

She met both their eyes in turn. “You can leave now, or see whether or not I’m as crazy as you’re probably thinking I am. Think hard. Because either I am crazy, or I am dead serious about owning you.”

Bryan rubbed the back of his ear, wondering at what point this had edged into creepy. Alex, though, leaned forward and blurted out, “I’m staying.”

Bryan gritted his teeth inwardly, but nodded. “Yep. Show us what you got.”

A smile crept over Corinne’s lips, showing off those cute rodent teeth, and she raised her hands over her head. “Boom,” she said, then clapped her hands together.

The noise wasn’t a clap, it was a thundercrack. The world went dark.

“The hell!—” Bryan yelped. Everything felt…wrong. He tried to get his bearings. Was he surrounded by cloth? He heard Alex muttering and cursing.

“Climb up.” Corinne’s voice came from overhead, recognizable but oddly different. It had dropped in pitch and at least doubled in volume, with bass harmonics that shook their bones.

Both cats scrambled up, pushing cloth out of the way until they were on top of their respective piles and had a clear view. The mouse woman’s face was above them, giant, hair cascading down like a dyed waterfall. She had to be at least sixty feet tall.

“Holy fuck,” Alex squeaked. As he looked around wildly, he gasped for a different reason: the cloth that surrounded them was their own clothes.

“What the hell did you do?” Bryan yelled in panic.

“You tell me.” The giantess—to them—reached down with both hands for the naked cats.

“No!—” Alex squeaked, trying to scramble away, but the cloth gave him no purchase. He only succeeded in falling across Corinne’s fingers, which curled around him and lifted up. Bryan escaped her grasp nearly a second more. “This is impossible!”

“Keep telling yourself that,” she said. “It won’t change anything.” She set both cats down on the floor, by her boots. Her five-inch heels were as tall as they were. The sight was enough to stop both of them from doing much more than staring up for several seconds as she moved their clothes to the side and sat down.

“Change us back,” Bryan said shakily after he found his voice. He tried again in the most commanding voice he could muster. “Change us back!”

“Or what?” she said, leaning forward to put her hands on her knees and fixing her bright eyes on his tiny body. “What say do you possibly think you have now?”

He stared up, ears folding back.

“Climb onto my boots. Both of you.”

Bryan swallowed. “P-please, Corinne, this isn’t—”

She nudged him with the toe of the boot, a gentle motion for her that was enough to send him sprawling on his back. “I like spunky, but don’t go from spunky to stupid. If you’re both not on top of my boots by the time I count to three, you’ll be under them. One. Two.”

Both cats scrambled up the slick leather of their respective boots, Bryan on the right, Alex on the left. Alex’s orange tail was frizzed out to twice its normal size, and he was glaring at Bryan. Bryan was too busy clutching the boot’s surface and whimpering to notice.

“Good kitties.” She slowly lifted her boots, straightening her legs out. Both cats scrambled more to keep their balance, sliding on the smooth surface; Alex caught the zipper to keep from falling, hanging on for dear life. Corinne made no motion to help as she swung her legs around to rest her boots on the sofa’s armrest, stretching out so her head was propped up against the opposite armrest, resting on a throw pillow. “Now come here.” She patted her stomach.

Looking nervously at one another, both complied, crawling down her legs. They were awfully nice legs, even at this angle—especially at this angle. The view of her breasts through the laces on the corset was both alluring and disconcerting.

When they reached their destination, she licked her lips quickly again. “Good, good.” She tilted her head, looking thoughtful, then snapped her fingers, pointing at the laces on her corset. “Undo this.”

Alex stared, ears coloring. “Uh.”

“Do I need to make the commands simpler, toy? C’mon.”

“Toy?” Bryan spluttered. “Just a—”

Corinne’s hand came down around him and she clenched her fingers just hard enough to make him scream. “Toy,” she repeated. “Get going on the corset or I bend you into humorous poses.”

Gasping for breath, he scrambled forward. Alex joined him, and they both tugged desperately at the gold elastic thread—to them it might as well have been rope, strong and very taut. It took a few seconds to undo the bow. Then each cat worked on either side of the mouse’s cleavage, loosening the laces. Their little hands brushed along the sides of her breasts as they pulled. “I’m going to get you for this,” Alex muttered to Bryan, glaring.

“It’s not my fault!” Bryan hissed.

“Play nice,” Corinne admonished. “I know Bryan was the one whose lap I was twisting in last night, but I saw how you were looking at me, Alex. I’ve heard of undressing a girl with your eyes but that was just about statutory rape.”

“I’m sorry,” Alex mumbled, ears back as he looked up toward the mouse’s huge face. Still maddeningly cute, but he could just about curl up in one of her ears. The thick brass ring in her left ear that looked teasingly punk last night now looked terrifyingly heavy.

“Don’t apologize.” She closed one hand around each cat again, lifting them up. “Now’s when you both pay for putting me off ’til today.”

They began to protest simultaneously. “Hey—wait—”

“Which one of you wants to be against the nipple ring?”

Alex blushed more deeply, and her gaze flicked to the orange tabby. “I’ll take that as you volunteering.” She worked him in to the top of the corset over her left breast, feet-first, and started sliding him down. The cat started mewling and squirming, pushing with his hands against her fingers and fur. As he felt the bare skin of her aureole against him he wriggled more; the cool feeling of the metal ring made him jump, then make a curiously strangled noise.

“And your turn.” She did the same to Bryan, with very similar effects. This left their heads just sticking out of the top of the corset, with the mouse’s nipples pressed right between each set of little thighs.

“So,” Corinne continued, tone conversational. “You might be thinking, ‘How could this be punishment? We’re being pressed right up against a hot girl’s breasts.’ And it’s okay to think that. I want you to be aroused.” She put a finger on the cloth covering each little rump and pressed down, very lightly, starting to rub in a circular motion. “Let’s get all three of us aroused,” she murmured in a huskier voice.

“But,” she continued once they were both starting to pant, “you are in a corset. And if I do this…” She moved her hands and pulled the corset taut. Both cats yelped. “You’ll do that.” She didn’t release the pressure, instead tying the corset again.

Then she stood up, swinging her feet back to the floor and walking toward the bedroom area at a leisurely pace. Her two captives felt every movement she made; the tightness of the press made it uncomfortable, but the skin-against-sheath contact was impossible to ignore. She stopped in front of the closet and leaned over to undo her boots. Bryan and Alex both scrabbled as their balance was upset, then wheezed as the weight shifted.

“Hang on. You won’t be hurt unless I do something like…inhale sharply.” She did exactly that, and both cats cried out again at the pressure. Corinne grinned at them, her huge face upside-down from their vantage point, then slipped out of the boots. As she walked back toward the bed, she looked down at them. “It’s an interesting combination, isn’t it? Look up at me when I’m speaking.” They both squirmed to do so, trying to make eye contact with the mouse. “Terror, and arousal. You’re feeling both. You more than Bryan, Alex, even though he’s the one who said he dreamed about me.”

Alex’s ears colored again. Bryan managed a weak snarl. “I didn’t dream about this!”

“What did you dream about? Chains and whips? Ball gags? A high heel pressing down on your crotch?” She sat down on the bed, and thumped his rump with a finger.

“No!” he squeaked. “I don’t know! You pushing me down on the bed and telling me to call you mistress!”

Corinne laughed and cupped her hands over both of them, rubbing their whole bodies against her breasts to the limited degree the corset let them move. Her nipples were hard enough they hurt now, and Alex bit his lip every time the ring pressed and pinched against him. “You thought you’d let me play at being dominant. Oops.”

“Oh, God—” Alex wheezed, tensing up.

She dropped her hands. “Oh, you don’t get to climax yet.” The mouse undid the corset enough that she could pull the two tabbies out; she held them each with thumb and forefinger under their armpits, their hips at her muzzle level. She grinned at the sight of their erections. “And, Alex?” She blew lightly on him, and he whimpered, a shiver coursing down his body. “That’s ‘goddess.’” Then she opened her hands, letting them both drop down two feet onto one of the bed’s pillows.

The cats tumbled and squealed. Bryan began to scramble toward the pillow’s side; the mouse simply used her clawtips to herd him back to Alex, then knocked them off the pillow to tumble onto the bed. “Sit,” she commanded. They did.

Corinne undid the corset completely and tossed it to the side, then pulled off her skirt. Then she moved so her knees were to either side of the cats and slowly pulled her panties down. “You can tell I’m aroused by you two, too, can’t you?” she murmured, grinning in a way that, for that moment, made mice the scariest creatures on the planet. “I love breaking new toys.” She leaned over, hands flat to the mattress, fingers splayed. “I mean, breaking in new toys.”

Alex just looked at up at the now completely nude giantess with his mouth open. She had a clit ring, too. His ears were still folded back, but he looked stuck between mortal fear and awe. Bryan wasn’t looking; he back against the pillow, starting to cry. “Oh, my God. You’re gonna kill us. Please don’t. Please—”

“Shut up,” Corinne said, flicking her finger so it smacked the bed right next to him. He screamed. “Cooperative toys get promoted to pets. It’s safer to be a pet.” Then she leaned across them, reaching for the nightstand, and pulled out two lengths of golden thread. It looked a lot like the thread from the corset. “So,” she finished with a smile, “be cooperative.”

“What are you going to do?” Alex whispered hoarsely.

“Put your hands together over your heads.”

Neither cat moved immediately; Alex’s eyes widened and Bryan began to cry harder. Corinne made an exasperated noise, waggling the threads. “Co-op-er-a-tive,” she said in a sing-song voice. “It’ll be more fun for all of us if you’re alive through this, boys.”

Alex was the first one to obey, reaching up with his hands as high as he could. Funny how panic and enthusiasm are so difficult to tell apart, he thought, and tried not to giggle. He was afraid she’d twist his little head off if he did. Bryan raised his hands more hesitantly, but raised them nonetheless.

She shook her head as she bound their wrists. “You’ve both lost your stiffies. Well, you haven’t completely, Alex. But I should help.” As she finished tying them, she stretched out on her stomach and brought her muzzle down over them, soft lips brushing over each little cat. Then the soft, wide tongue, and the hard press of the metal ball near its tip. It only took a few seconds of this treatment before they were both gasping.

“Okay, you’re both at attention again.” She rolled onto her back, lifting them up by the ends of their threads, and grinned up at them like they were a dangling mobile. “Now, one of you tells me why he wants to go in my sex, and the other tells me why he wants to go in my mouth.”

They managed to look even more dismayed as they dangled. “You’re going to eat one of us?” Bryan squeaked.

“Even if I swallow, I can pull you up with the thread,” she said, looking up at him as if he were stupid.

“Oh, my God,” Bryan said again, and repeated it several times, kicking futilely.

“Goddess,” Alex said. Bryan stopped and stared at him. “She said goddess,” he finished quietly, looking down at Corinne.

The mouse tilted her head fractionally, smiling in a less threatening manner. If you didn’t stare at the guillotine teeth, at least. “Where do you want your goddess to put you, Alex?”

The orange tabby stammered so hard as he spoke he had trouble getting the words out, but he met her eyes resolutely. “You could tie me t-t-to your…uh…ring.” He swallowed. “Being rubbed a-a-against your tongue stud would, would, be amazing. But th-this is about…getting you to climax. Not me.”

Corinne kept her eyes on him as he spoke, then nodded slowly, smiling more. “Yes. It is.” She separated the two cats, dangling one in each hand by their respective strings, and looked up at Bryan. “So you tell me where you want to be.”

“I want to be home!” he screamed. “I want to wake up from this!”

The mouse narrowed her eyes. “That was a very wrong answer.” She let Bryan drop to the mattress, then lowered Alex down to her sex, carefully threading his bonds through the ring and tying it so his hands were against the metal. “All right…pet. Please your mistress.”

Alex stared at the wet, hot fur and flesh in front of him, ears folding back flat. He wasn’t sure whether he was more frightened by his situation or by the surge of adrenaline when Corinne said pet. He wriggled on his thread, managing to get his hands around the ring so he had a little more leverage, then began to stroke his footpaws against her sex.

“Oh—” She wriggled, too, nearly on top of Bryan. Then she deliberately moved on top of the grey cat, one furred rump cheek pressing down hard. He screamed and kicked frantically, afraid she was going to crush him like an egg. The pressure was relieved—for the moment—as he ended up between her cheeks. He kept wriggling.

Alex had kicked and squirmed his lower body into the mouse, and pulled himself up to get his face against her clit. He began nuzzling and licking at it, and was rewarded by another shiver through her body, a burst of stronger scent from her, and a jerk from her muscles that threatened to pull him down and inside. It wasn’t quite strong enough to do so. Yet. He licked again.

Corinne brought a hand underneath herself to close her fingers around Bryan, and slid him up toward the base of her tail. Then, holding his feet together, she slipped his paws against the tight ring of muscle there.

Bryan screamed again and wriggled frantically. “No!”

By this point the mouse girl was panting herself, so it took her a few moments to get out, “You know—that’s not—how you—address me. How do—you address—me?”

Bryan swallowed hard, acutely aware of his own erection and hating his body for being aroused at a moment when he was certain he would die in horrible fashion. He’d been able to channel his terror into what he imagined was resistance, but all it had amounted to was shouting No to a woman who was going to do whatever she wanted anyway. Alex was right to submit. The grey tabby’s fear remained, but his pathetic defiance crumbled completely. “Please don’t do this, mistress,” he yelled hoarsely.

Corinne shuddered as Alex licked her again, and her muscles clenched. The reflex pulled Alex’s whole body into her sex and Bryan’s feet into her tail-hole. “Did you call me mistress?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, mistress!” He struggled frantically.

“Finally.” She took a deep, ragged breath. “What do you want me to do with you?”

Bryan bit his lip, squirming again, trying to pull away, then closed his eyes and forced the words out in a squeak. “Whatever you want.”

Good toy,” she said, sounding genuinely pleased. Then she slid him inside her up to his hips.

Bryan wailed frantically, kicking against the slick walls, and she bucked. At that, both little cats screamed. The clenching of her sex tugged Alex down hard—the motion, of course, just tugging her clit hard, too. She squealed, and began bucking harder, clenching and releasing. Bryan’s wailing rose in pitch as each clench pulled him in more deeply, and hers rose almost in sync.

Then the mouse started to scream ecstatically. Neither cat heard the end of the scream—the pressure of the flesh around both of them became unimaginable, and as they both climaxed as well they slid into unconsciousness.

When the two cats woke up, they were both on the bed, alone, nude, and their normal size. The air smelled a little of sex, but mostly of freshly brewed coffee. Sunlight streamed in from a skylight they hadn’t noticed last night. Their clothes were neatly folded in two piles now, their cell phones and wallets set on top.

Bryan sat up, then groaned, rubbing at his ribs. “I think something’s broken,” he muttered. “And my wrists hurt like hell.”

“So do my arms,” Alex said.

“The coffee’s ready,” Corinne’s voice came from the kitchen. “You can pour cups for yourselves after you get me some.”

The two cats both whipped their heads toward her in alarm, then scrambled to the kitchen. Alex moved faster, though, rummaging a little desperately through the cabinets to find a mug. Corinne just watched silently. “Do you take cream or s-sugar, mistress?”

“Just black.”

He handed her the mug, then fixed himself one with sugar. Bryan followed suit. Then they just looked at her.

She motioned them to follow, and sat down on one of the sofas. Alex sat down immediately at Corinne’s feet, which made her smile. Bryan frowned, but followed suit.

“I thought I was going to die,” Bryan muttered at length.

“You promoted yourself to willing toy before it was too late. I yanked you out as I came.”

“If…I…hadn’t called you mistress?”

She grinned. “I’m usually pretty good at picking toys, but I was afraid you were gonna make yourself a single-use one.”

He whined and gripped his coffee cup tightly, looking down.

Corinne leaned forward and tilted Alex’s head up with a hand. “But you’re the surprise. I picked both of you—you know that, right?—but you’re exceeding expectation. You like the idea of dominant giant mice, don’t you?”

The orange tabby’s ears flushed. “I…uh…hadn’t really thought about them before last night.”

“Mmm.” She grinned and let him go. “There are fantasies in your past you’re not telling me, but I’ll let it slide for now. You’ll tell me soon enough.” She leaned back, sipping at her coffee.

The silence persisted for about a minute, until she set her mug down. “I have something for both of you.” She stood up, and then reached around to her back pocket, pulling out two thin, plain black leather collars.

The cats looked at one another again with wide eyes, but sat quietly and obediently while she fastened a collar around Alex’s neck first, then Bryan’s. She stepped back and studied them, then nodded with a grin and picked up her coffee. “We’re all clear that I didn’t have to change you back to normal, I trust. So you’re both properly grateful.”

Both of her cats nodded hurriedly.

“Wonderful.” She scritched both of them between the ears. “You’re free to go now, but there are three rules I expect you to follow.”

Both sets of feline ears folded back again, but they waited.

“First, I know your phone numbers and I know where you live. At any point I might call either of you here, together or separately, and tell you to come here, or go somewhere else, or just do something. When I do, you’ll obey. Period. Second, you won’t change your phone numbers or move anywhere without my permission. Third, whenever I see you—here or in a club or just passing on the street—you’d better be wearing your collars.”

“We have to wear them all the time?” Alex said, squirming unconsciously.

“That is safest for you. I hope they’ll make you think of me.” Her gaze flicked down to Alex’s crotch. “And if you do that whenever you think of me, all the better.”

The cat blushed deeply and crossed his legs.

Corinne set down her mug again. “Actually, one last thing. I can see in your eyes, Bryan, that you’re figuring once you’re out the door, I don’t have control over you. So just ask yourself: what if I’m wrong? What if she can enforce those rules?” She leaned forward until her nose was touching his, and said in a near-whisper, “Because if she did get her hands on me after I crossed her, she might swallow me whole and alive and stroke herself off to the feel of my cute…tiny…utterly futile struggles.”

Bryan’s pupils dilated. He opened his mouth, but no noise came out.

She straightened up, then smiled to both cats. “So do we agree to Corinne’s rules?”

“Yes, mistress,” they said together. Bryan’s voice was a hoarse squeak.

“Good kitties. Put on your clothes.”

A few minutes later they stood outside in the full sunlight, blinking and weak-kneed, fingering their new—and, they both knew, permanent—collars.

As Bryan started to dial a cab, he muttered, “Next time we go with the lynxes.”

Alex smiled weakly, but didn’t say anything. He looked back at the warehouse’s front door and realized he was, very softly, purring.