A matronly honey badger waitress learns one of her diner’s semi-regulars has an abusive boyfriend. It’s none of her business…but she has a way of being very persuasive.

Return to Office

A despondent remote office worker forced to either follow a return-to-office order or resign is given another, far more satisfying alternative, for the small price of her soul…


A techbro CEO about to lose his once-legendary game studio due to his own bad decisions makes one more even worse decision: to summon demons in an attempt to force them to help him. He gets a lot more than he bargained for.


Arilin is summoned to jury duty in Mensura, and after not being able to convince a bureaucrat that not being able to fit in the courthouse is sufficient reason to be excused, makes a point of showing up.

· Featuring Arilin

Island Cuisine

You’re an above-one-percenter, and you can afford a nice stay at a luxury resort on a private island. Unfortunately for you, Kitana the dracovixen has dropped by during your stay for dinner…

Coyote Sky

You’ve been invited to an illegal dance party up in the city, one whose mysterious organizers promise real magic by summoning fantastical creatures as sport and entertainment. When they summon an equally magical coyote’taur, they get much more than they bargained for.

Heavy Forces

A mercenary flirting with a jackal woman at a spaceport bar doesn’t believe she’s with a notorious group that’s been hired to take out the criminal enterprise that runs the port. When it turns out she isn’t lying, he finds his world upended by her in more than one way.


A woman in an unhappy relationship goes out on a desert wildflower hike with her boyfriend, and finds herself being stalked by a mysterious creature that might want to eat her…or might have another agenda entirely.

Lovely Little Fish

Being a modern pirate in the 1930s seemed like it was working out well for you, until you had the misfortune of meeting a fetching otter lass with a unique way of dealing with pirates. A quick vignette featuring Tallulah, the otter from “The Sea Monster of Dorgissey Harbour.”

Meli Kalikimaka

Kailani and Russell visit San Francisco for a Christmas holiday. When a sunset cruise on the Bay goes awry, the otter has to use her size-shifting powers to save the day.

Eat the Rich

An unscrupulous and callous couple throwing a Halloween party in their mansion are visited by two trick-or-treaters, the cat demoness Shyirae and mouse demon Kyden. In short order it becomes clear the partygoers are the treats.

The Sea Monster of Dorgissey Harbour

Travel writer Deborah Harding’s come to a small island off the coast of Cornwall, known for its colorful past. What she finds might be just the story she needs to break out of banal feature-writing…if it doesn’t get her killed.