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Saida & Autumn (Preview)

Jul 2022 • contemporary, romance • Saida

All things considered, young executive Saida Talirend has a steady, well-to-do lifeand a boring one. Except one or two weekends a month, when she travels to a land where she’s a giantess. That’s the good side; the bad side is there, she sometimes has to deal with a strange, vengeful curse. Even so, those weekends usually don’t have many surprises…until she sees a mysterious young rabbit woman she’s immediately smitten with. A preview of Saida & Autumn, a Patreon-supported serial that’s now a new novel from FurPlanet!

Island Cuisine

Feb 2022 • contemporary, rampage, mega, growth, vore

You’re an above-one-percenter, and you can afford a nice stay at a luxury resort on a private island. Unfortunately for you, Kitana the dracovixen has dropped by during your stay for dinner…

Coyote Sky

Oct 2021 • fantasy, contemporary, rampage, mega, growth

You’ve been invited to an illegal dance party up in the city, one whose mysterious organizers promise real magic by summoning fantastical creatures as sport and entertainment. When they summon an equally magical coyote’taur, they get much more than they bargained for.

Heavy Forces

Oct 2021 • science fiction, rampage [explicit violence]

A mercenary flirting with a jackal woman at a spaceport bar doesn’t believe she’s with a notorious group that’s been hired to take out the criminal enterprise that runs the port. When it turns out she isn’t lying, he finds his world upended by her in more than one way.


Oct 2020 • horror, contemporary, vore [explicit sex]

A woman in an unhappy relationship goes out on a desert wildflower hike with her boyfriend, and finds herself being stalked by a mysterious creature that might want to eat her… or might have another agenda entirely.

Lovely Little Fish

Dec 2019 • vore, period piece, mega, growth • Tallulah

Being a modern pirate in the 1930s seemed like it was working out well for you, until you had the misfortune of meeting a fetching otter lass with a unique way of dealing with pirates. A quick vignette featuring Tallulah, the otter from “The Sea Monster of Dorgissey Harbour,” done to get a certain image out of my head. (Spoiler: it didn’t work.)

The Mouse Vignettes

Sep 2018 • fantasy, contemporary, vore, mega [explicit sex, violence]

A series of flash fiction pieces written from the point of view of a mysterious mouse woman as she finds fascinating and dangerous ways to have fun.

The Sea Monster of Dorgissey Harbour

May 2018 • period piece, romance, vore, comedy • Tallulah

Travel writer Deborah Harding’s come to a small island off the coast of Cornwall, known for its colorful past. What she finds might be just the story she needs to break out of banal feature-writing…if it doesn’t get her killed. A new story, with all new characters, in the world of Goddess and “The Perfect Secretary.”

The Great Game

Mar 2018 • science fiction, vore, mega, rampage [explicit violence]

The world is on the brink of nuclear war. An analyst at an intelligence agency has had apocalyptic dreams for monthsbut wakes up to one that becomes real: not of bombs, but of an impossibly huge rat woman effortlessly destroying a city. As he tries to find ways to stop her, very human politics get in the wayand he worries that he’s not only attracted to her, but in some mysterious way, connected to her.

Tell Me to Stop

Nov 2017 • contemporary, vore • Saida, Riona [explicit sex]

Riona, the young coyote “mini-giantess,” convinces Arilin’s cousin Saida to help her test out growth magic. But it becomes clear Riona wants to test the limit of Saida’s curse…including just how much trouble the coyote can tease the cat into. A short vignette that’s mostly an excuse for seductive vore. (The story of Saida’s curse is told in “A Matter of Small Consequence”.)

The Perfect Secretary

Sep 2017 • fantasy, period piece, vore, micro

Regina Flint is a mouse woman in trouble with the lawand a size-shifter. Vincent Kerwin is a respectable businessfox with a secrethe’s a lieutenant in the “Company,” a criminal syndicate. He has a proposition for Miss Flint, to remake herself as his secretary. But not everyone in his organization is pleased with the idea, and the more she throws her weight around, the more tensions rise. A novelette in the same world as Goddess and “An Unconventional Valet.”


Aug 2017 • science fiction, horror, vore, mega

If there are other intelligent species in the universe, why haven’t any of them made contact with us? One theory is that once they hit a certain point of developmenta point about where humanity is nowsomething catastrophic happens to them. Flash fiction (only 600 words) based on a daydream.

A Day With No Tide

May 2017 • fantasy, romance • Inanael

The goddess of death, weary with the demands of her function, is offered an extraordinary gift by the goddess of lovebut some gifts carry unintended dangers for beings such as Inanael. (Only peripherally macrophile, but worth the read if you like the character/mythology.)

Teacher’s Pet

Feb 2017 • contemporary, romance • Arilin

Jen Heath has a secret: the rat girl has a crush on her college composition professora feline giantess. But she’s attracted the attention of a campus playboy and online bully with far darker secrets. Jen, Rory and Professor Thorferra are drawn together in an increasingly high stakes game of cat-and-mouse.

A Matter of Small Consequence

Feb 2016 • horror, contemporary, micro, vore • Saida [explicit sex]

Saida, Arilin’s younger cousin, isn’t sociopathic, but she’s quite comfortable as a giantess in a world of littles. Not everyone else is as comfortable with it as she is, though, and one little with extraordinary power seems to have taken it on himself to turn the tables on some giants…