· Featuring Arilin

Teacher’s Pet

Arilin Thorferra

Jen Heath has a secret: the rat girl has a crush on her college composition professor—a feline giantess. But she’s attracted the attention of a campus playboy and online bully with far darker secrets. Jen, Rory, and Professor Thorferra are drawn together in an increasingly high stakes game of cat-and-mouse.

Teacher’s Pet is the first novella-length story involving Arilin, and also the first story “officially” set in Mensura, a world a lot like our contemporary one—just with furries, magic, and giants. While this makes Mensura a spiritual successor to “BigFurs Community College,” a long defunct shared world roleplaying setting, they’re pretty different milieus.


  1. Giants and Townies
  2. Fangirls and Stalkers
  3. Bars and Ruins
  4. Cats and Rats