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Illustration by Sabretoothed Ermine


Arilin Thorferra

Russell Rittenhouse knows exactly what he wants: move from his job as a librarian at Bennett University to a professorship. Find a house. Find a wife. The American dream! And his fantasies revolving around Goddess, a pinup magazine featuring women with the extraordinary gift of size-shifting—well, those are just fantasies.

Kailani, the beautiful otter princess of a tiny Pacific island, is an unexpected complication. Yet she might be the key. If Russell can sway her to go along with a millionaire’s schemes for a hotel on her island, his professorship—his life plan—is assured! What could possibly go wrong?

Goddess was my first novel-length story (technically, novella), set in a size-shifting, Jazz Age furry setting I’ve dubbed “The Towering 20s”.

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