Big Trouble

Nora Mallory, size-shifting private eye, gets a new case: a vixen heiress asking to find out if her husband’s cheating on her. Following up on the lead gets her into a conspiracy involving imports, giantesses—and murder.

Saida Gets Eaten

A set of non-canonical flash fiction pieces about Saida, a (usually giant) cat woman cursed to be attractive as prey and to come back from being eaten, meeting various people and creatures who keep putting that curse to the test.

· Featuring Saida
explicit sex

The Mouse Vignettes

A series of flash fiction pieces written from the point of view of a mysterious mouse woman as she finds fascinating and dangerous ways to have fun.

Teacher’s Pet

Rat girl Jen Heath has a crush on her college composition professor—a feline giantess. But she’s attracted the attention of a campus playboy and online bully with far darker secrets. Jen, Rory, and Professor Thorferra are drawn together in an increasingly high stakes game of cat-and-mouse.


A rigidly order-loving university librarian with a secret attraction to giantesses finds his life overturned when he’s caught between a beautiful otter princess and a scheming millionaire.