This is a thank-you page to everyone who’s supported my Patreon. It wouldn’t have been possible without you coming along for the ride!

Everyone listed below was an active patron for at least one month since the Patreon started. This list is current as of February 2022. (“Active patron” is defined as “at least $1 was charged successfully.”)

Note: if you are on this list and would like to be listed differently (or not at all), send me a private message on Patreon, FA, or social media. You can also change your display name in Patreon to the way you’d prefer to be listed.

Alistor Jayne Folest NotNotton
Alpine Centauri Jenora Feuer Odddice
Ambrose Jspeed Pathia Red-Tawner
applestooranges Justin Case Raventail
Aranyi Jvore1 Redstiza
Ashlandic K Boudjan Remmyzilla
Balina Kagur RiotVision
beherit Kalessan Rob
Benni Desparque KenCougr RoboMaximillion
BossVoss Killy Rooth
c Kitana Saga
Cebula-san Krell Sean Grave
Chaos Potato Kryp7ic Shaterri
Chelivan Kyrugii Silas Mousehold
Christopher Kerr Leishmania Silberlynx
clearly-a-ruse Lira Kitsune sp
Coracroma Lukas Schmidt Sqx. Flann
d Macciavelo Starkat
David Chappell Maid to Sass StarryAqua
Desta Matty Mouse The Blackest Man in the Multiverse
Desta Meow Wei TokenHumanFriend
Dissident Love Momentrabbit Tommi Cat
DoD Monki Lufi Traveller
Draconder MoonlightUmbry a.k.a RamsusXIII Ulfra Wolfe
Dracur MrPerson VulpesMaximus
DragonessSapphire Narzain Westpilot
Eric S Ndoto WoofWoof
Herro NeoVid xeebes
hippiewerewolf Nicko Xipher
iRose Nines Kitsune ZakuraTech
Iszrian Ninesyllables
Jakebe Nitrous Oxide Mouse