The Giants’ Club

The Giants’ Club is a place for social roleplaying between giants and littles (macro/micro). It’s like an ongoing, in-character cocktail party.

  • Since the GC is meant for roleplaying, if you’re not posing/speaking, you’re kind of invisible. If you want to roleplay, speak up!
    • If you’re a regular, try to meet newcomers halfway! Wave, say hi, introduce yourself. That’s how newcomers become regulars.
    • If you don’t know anyone, try to get into conversations. You have to meet the regulars halfway, too! (Again, cocktail party. If you want to meet people, you have to talk to them specifically.)
    • If you really aren’t interested in public roleplay, the GC is probably not your jam.
  • Try and keep publicly visible actions to PG-13.
    • …but you can meet here and “head out” somewhere together in PMs.
    • …or keep things circumspect. (Giants can hide people on their person, after all; RP the parts the public can’t see in PMs!)
    • …also, remember Jurassic Park was PG-13. The club is social but still “enter at your own risk.” (The fetish aspects of macro/micro might be more sublimated here than you’re used to, but they’re still here.)
  • For historical reasons, the club seems to have its own biases:
    • Humans/demi-humans are welcome, but if you have the “no furries” flag set, again, the GC is probably not your jam.
    • Original characters are generally going to have an easier time fitting in than canon characters.
    • We know it kinda looks like a lesbian bar in here sometimes. That’s not intentional. Bring guys.

The GC can come across as cliquish, but remember: nobody starts out as a regular. If you want to be one here, it might take time, but you can. We don’t bite! (Although several of us swallow whole.)


Take four football fields, two across and two back, and cover them with a concrete floor polished until it looks more like marble. On top of that floor, build a single room that looks like a modern, hip coffee shop or cocktail bar magnified to outrageous proportion. Welcome to the new Giants’ Club.

The front entrance features a canvas curtain rather than a door, light for a giant but too big for any normal visitor to shoulder aside—but the flap is cut so one can get under it without ducking. The opposite wall sports a huge fireplace, often crackling with sequoia-like logs on colder evenings. Across one of the two longer walls runs a huge bar top, with space behind it for a galley kitchenette and a surprisingly full bar, all scaled for people in the 80’ to 120’ height range. Yes, there are bar stools of a matching size. If you look closely, there’s also an elevator that normal-sized people can take to get up to the top of that bar, if they choose to risk it.

The Club’s centerpiece, though, is a gigantic metal-and-wood platform taking up most of the central area. To a giant, it’s a huge communal table. For normal-sized folk, it’s a patio. One leg is wrapped by a wide spiral staircase; another is wrapped by an even larger ramp. (Visitors under a foot high can use a dumbwaiter-sized elevator in the leg with the ramp.) The table’s surrounded by a metal railing, and topped with an array of furniture at normal, half, double and even quadruple scales.

A bar of matching style to its giant counterpart sits in the table’s center. If anything, it’s better stocked than its larger cousin.

The club’s roof “only” goes up to about 150′, but beyond the back porch there’s wide open space—at least to a point. The land for the club is situated right at the edge of a “mixed size” college campus; the space beyond the campus is technically part of the adjoining city, but the buildings there have been abandoned for years.

Note: The original FurryMUCK Giants’ Club had multiple locations, the two most important ones being the main “indoor” room and the “back porch.” On F-Chat, these are both the same channel. If you can’t fit in the room, you can still RP being around/outside. Just try to make where you are clear.