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The Furry Social Media Diaspora

As Twitter slowly collapses, what will replace it for furries? The answer might be: a lot of small things, rather than one big thing again. But maybe that’s for the best.

Bigotry Doesn’t Make a Period Piece Authentic

When authors writing today use bigoted language in period fiction, the defense is that it adds to the authenticity. I think that excuse isn’t just lazy—it’s pernicious.

Maybe It’s Time for the Furry Irregulars

Decades ago the science fiction community realized they needed a a group within their fandom to do security work at cons rather than mundane guards and police, and came up with the Dorsai Irregulars. Could furry produce their own version of the Dorsai?

Why I Don’t Like SubscribeStar

The membership platform SubscribeStar promotes itself as a “free speech,” adult-friendly alternative to Patreon, but it seems to be the platform of choice for the alt-right, too. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

Crushing You Softly: Gentle Giants and Rampagers

I’ve been thinking about the perennial divide between “gentle giant” and “eff yeah rampage” types in macrophile fandom lately. The divide is pretty permeable in practice, and for me the mix is…complicated.

The Sunk Fur Fallacy

As we move past Fur Affinity’s most recent spasms (which intersect macro, indirectly), let’s talk about culture wars, artistic intent, and ultimately, the value of controlling your own content.

Furry’s Alive and Well, Thanks

Spurred on by a furry “celebrity’s” assertion that furry is dead, some thoughts about where we came from as a subculture, where we’re going, and being a furry for life.

Interactive Macrophilia

A geek’s-eye view of chatbots and interactive fiction for the macrophile crowd, specifically examining AIML and Inform 7 and touching on some newer tools.

Dark Romance

What is it that attracts us to macrophilia? While Freud might have something to say on it, sometimes an eighty-foot cat woman is just an eighty-foot cat woman. This is my take on an answer.