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The Admission Interview

Jul 2011 • contemporary, vore • Riona

A troubled coyote girlor perhaps a coyote girl who’s a lot of troubleapplies to a “last chance” high school, and tries to convince her interviewers to let her attend.

The Banishing Spell

Jan 2011 • fantasy, romance, period piece • Juniper

Jeve and Juniper from “The Familiar” return! Jeve, now moderately successful as a traveling wizard, takes on what should be a simple case of banishing a minor demon while musing on the greater challenge of his relationship to the coyote spirit.

Bargaining With Kali

Jan 1999 • science fiction

In a future where the gap between the haves and have-nots has widened immeasurably, a policeman is called to an unbelievable hostage situationa brilliant anarchist hacker has somehow become a giantess to threaten a research facility. (I used to refer to this as Attack of the 50-Foot Woman meets Blade Runner.)

Cheating at Solitaire

May 1998 • contemporary, horror, vore • Arilin

Four mouse-people play a dangerous game with a sociopathic feline giantess, with one simple goal: be out in the open in her apartment and survive. But the odds against them may be higher than they know. This story introduced Arilinas a villain. Illustrations by Ken Sample.

Claiming the Moon

Apr 2011 • fantasy, contemporary, mega, vore • Sarah

Sarah, a half-faerie red wolf woman, has size-shifting and magical powers tied to the moon’s phase. On the night of a supermoon, she discovers her powers exponentially more powerfuland loses herself in them. Will there be much of a planet left by the time she recovers? Of course, with faerie magic, things are often more complicated than that in the end…

The Collector

Sep 2011 • horror, contemporary, vore • explicit sex

A vignette about a young human fascinated by furry giantesses who’s talked his way into being taken home by a beautiful giant raccoon woman. What she wants out of the encounter might not be what he does.

A Day With No Tide

May 2017 • fantasy, romance • Inanael

The goddess of death, weary with the demands of her function, is offered an extraordinary gift by the goddess of lovebut some gifts carry unintended dangers for beings such as Inanael. (Only peripherally macrophile, but worth the read if you like the character/mythology.)


Mar 2003 • period piece, romance

A lion travels to post-colonial Africa to negotiate with an impala tribe on behalf of the Royal African Mining Company, expecting to have the upper hand in a game of diplomacy. He hadn’t expected the tribal ambassadress to be Swarakubwa.

Easter Eggs

May 2004 • contemporary, comedy

A caustic but brilliant programmer is dragged by her friend to a new virtual reality game installation. While she starts out more irritated than excited, she finds an interesting bug to exploit, letting both of them wreak cartoonish havocat least while they can remain a step or two ahead of management.


Aug 2017 • science fiction, horror, vore, mega

If there are other intelligent species in the universe, why haven’t any of them made contact with us? One theory is that once they hit a certain point of developmenta point about where humanity is nowsomething catastrophic happens to them. Flash fiction (only 600 words) based on a daydream.

The Familiar

Dec 2009 • fantasy, period piece • Juniper

Jeve has become an itinerant magician in a land where magic is being eclipsed by the new wonders of engineering and steam. His bad luck, though, changes when he finds a coyote familiarone who may be much more than she appears.


Oct 2015 • horror, vore

The apartment complex you live in was never good, but now it has an impossible predator roaming unstoppably. Can you stop her? Do you want to? Flash fiction for Halloween 2015, inspired by RenaAyama’s character Abyss.