An archive of furry macrophile stories and the occasional essay written by Arilin Thorferra. For more information about Arilin—or what “furry” or “macrophile” means—visit the About page.

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A Day With No Tide

May 2017 • fantasy, romance • Inanael

The goddess of death, weary with the demands of her function, is offered an extraordinary gift by the goddess of lovebut some gifts carry unintended dangers for beings such as Inanael. (Only peripherally macrophile, but worth the read if you like the character/mythology.)

Teacher's Pet

Feb 2017 • contemporary, romance • Arilin

Jen Heath has a secret: the rat girl has a crush on her college composition professora feline giantess. But she’s attracted the attention of a campus playboy and online bully with far darker secrets. Jen, Rory and Professor Thorferra are drawn together in an increasingly high stakes game of cat-and-mouse.

A Matter of Small Consequence

Feb 2016 • horror, contemporary • Saida • explicit sex

Saida, Arilin’s younger cousin, isn’t sociopathic, but she’s quite comfortable as a giantess in a world of littles. Not everyone else is as comfortable with it as she is, though, and one little with extraordinary power seems to have taken it on himself to turn the tables on some giants…

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