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Tell Me to Stop

Nov 2017 • contemporary, vore • Saida, Riona • explicit sex

Riona, the young coyote “mini-giantess,” convinces Arilin’s cousin Saida to help her test out growth magic. But it becomes clear Riona wants to test the limit of Saida’s curse…including just how much trouble the coyote can tease the cat into. A short vignette that’s mostly an excuse for seductive vore. (The story of Saida’s curse is told in “A Matter of Small Consequence”.)

The Perfect Secretary

Sep 2017 • fantasy, period piece, vore, micro

Regina Flint is a mouse woman in trouble with the lawand a size-shifter. Vincent Kerwin is a respectable businessfox with a secrethe’s a lieutenant in the “Company,” a criminal syndicate. He has a proposition for Miss Flint, to remake herself as his secretary. But not everyone in his organization is pleased with the idea, and the more she throws her weight around, the more tensions rise. A novelette in the same world as Goddess and “An Unconventional Valet.”


Aug 2017 • science fiction, horror, vore, mega

If there are other intelligent species in the universe, why haven’t any of them made contact with us? One theory is that once they hit a certain point of developmenta point about where humanity is nowsomething catastrophic happens to them. Flash fiction (only 600 words) based on a daydream.

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