Saida & Autumn (Preview)

“It’s nice to be a real giantess without worrying someone’s going to send an army after you.”

Mensura isn’t just any college. With sorcery, mad science and giants, it’s the most extraordinary school in the worldand maybe the most dangerous. And it’s where rebellious rabbit Autumn Caligo has traveled, over the objections of her conservative family, to learn transformation magic and become her authentic self.

Young corporate executive Saida Talirend comes from a different worldliterally. After finding a way to Mensura College, the cat finds she’s a natural giant there, and comes to make secret return visits regularly. But with tensions rising at the office, her focus needs to be on work.

Then, she meets Autumn.

She can’t deny their connectionbut they bring out passions in each other that scare them both. Saida’s not sure how much to trust Autumn with her secrets. And Autumn isn’t sure how serious Saida is about her. The cat doesn’t think she’ll have to choose between her job and her rabbit…but when she does, everything, not just her heart, will be on the line.

Download the PDF Preview!

Saida & Autumn is a queer furry romance novel I wrote as a Patreon-exclusive serial in 2019, now revised and being published by FurPlanet. It premiered at Anthrocon 2022, and is now generally available:

The PDF is a six-chapter preview, running 45 pages.

Saida & Autumn has macrophile, lesbian, dom/sub, and consensual vore themes.

July 2022