Mar 5, 2018

Supporting me with Ko-fi

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I’ve been musing for months on setting up a Patreon. There’s a good chance I’m going to go ahead with that later this year: I’d like to start producing bigger works (no macrophile joke intended) (mostly), and see if I can do some more ambitious serial projects. This absolutely doesn’t mean that I plan to stop writing for freebut getting a bit of income from my giant stories will allow me to sink more time and effort into them!

But, setting up a Patreon is going to be a bit of an ambitious project all on its own for me, and I know not everyone is willing or able to plunk down an ongoing commitment. So, I’ve set up a page on “Ko-fi,” a web site that describes itself as letting fans buy creators a cup of coffee to show their thanks. While Ko-fi allows you to set up recurring payments if you want to, it’s really just setting out a tip jar!

I have other stories in the works, and the serial project I’ve alluded to looks like it might be my longest story everand it’s a sequel to a popular story from early last year involving a rat girl with a crush on her college professor. The new story probably won’t involve said professor (hi!), but…well, you’ll see, I promise.

My personal Ko-fi page is There’s also a button on many pages labeled “Buy me a mai tai” that’ll take you there.

Thanks for your supportand even if you can’t afford to throw a tip my way, thank you all for reading! I wouldn’t have been doing this for this long without all your support and enthusiasm.