Aug 27, 2019

The Patreon Experiment

You probably know I’ve been running a Patreon for a while to produce longer serial fiction. The first serial, Saida & Autumn, is a romance between two giantesses, and it’s finished, although it’s waiting on art and editing before release as an ebook (and maybe a print book, depending on demand). The next serial, in progress, is Red Savina, a monster-movie screenplay whose monster is a sexy giant furry woman because hi hello have we met?

(You can read everything now if you join the Patreon at $3/month or higher, and there’s a free preview of Saida & Autumn and a free PDF preview of Red Savina. The screenplay will be out in some form after it’s finished, but I don’t know that form yet!)

They’ve been both a lot of fun to work on, because they’ve both stretched different kinds of writing muscles. Saida & Autumn is novel-length slice of life, and has two point of view characters, which I’ve never tried before. And while I’ve always loved screenplay structure (I wrote a post about it on Patreon!), I’ve never tried to write a screenplay, hewing as close to the form’s established conventions as possible.

They’ve also both been problems, though. My original thought was that once I got a rhythm going, I’d be working on both a serial and another project at the same time. And, yes, I did get “The Mouse Vignettes” written during that time, which was funand turned out to be a bit of a challenge in its own waybut the nine vignettes together only add up to around 7,300 words; for perspective, the other stories I wrote in 2018, “The Sea Monster of Dorgissey Harbour” and “The Great Game,” are 10,100 and 10,700 words respectively. Saida & Autumn, meanwhile, clocks in at over 80,000 words, making it far and away the longest macro story I’ve ever written. My short novel Goddess is about half that length!

Anyway, the point is: it’s been over a year since I’ve started the Patreon. It takes up nearly all of my writing time, and while it’s making me more money than I’ve made on writing anything else, it’s not bringing in so much money that it’s tempting to chuck everything else I’d like to be working on. I hadn’t intended to go so quiet on the “free” front, and my Secret Alter Ego™ writes non-macro stories… or at least did before mid-2018, because serials ate my brain.

So after Red Savina is over, I’m going to have figure out what to do next. Putting the Patreon on indefinite pause is certainly a possibility; going to a less regularly-scheduled “charge by the post” model is also a possibility. Under that model, some things might stay “for sale only” like Saida & Autumn (that is, the non-Patreon version will be an ebook, not posted to FA), but other work might be “early access” for patrons.

No matter what happens, thank you all so much for the supportthanks to you, the experiment’s been a success!