Jan 15, 2015


Russell Rittenhouse knows exactly what he wants: move from his job as a librarian at Bennett University to a professorship. Find a house. Find a wife. The American dream! And the cougar’s fantasies revolving around “Goddess,” a pinup magazine featuring women with the extraordinary gift of size-shifting…well, those are just fantasies.

When Kailani, the beautiful otter princess of a tiny Pacific island, visits Russell’s city of Palo Morado, she becomes an unexpected complication in his plans. Yet she might be the key to them all. If he can sway her to go along with a millionaire’s scheme for a hotel on her island, his professorshiphis whole life planmight be assured! What can possibly go wrong?

Goddess is a great read. It’s got clever writing: romance, legal suspense, action, drama, and an exciting conclusion. Don’t miss it.” Fred Patten, Dogpatch Press

“Worth reading for the adventure and the soft romance. And if you love giant, powerful female furs doing a bit of wrecking ball work, this book is a must-buy.” Greyflank (Goodreads review)

“A simply lovely story of a giant furry nature.” Ramuros (Goodreads review)

Available in print from FurPlanet and DRM-free Kindle and ePub from Bad Dog Books, as well as Amazon (Kindle only).