The Mouse Vignettes

In late September, I had an idea for what I dubbed a “quick trashy flash fiction piece,” a little bit of sexy macro funthe story equivalent of a quick sketch. That piece was “Size Doesn’t Matter.” In certain ways it’s the antithesis of the sort of work I most often do: it’s not long, not thoughtful, has no characterization or even no plot to speak of. It’s pretty much just about finding buttons of like-minded people and giving those buttons a firm whack.

The problem is, the mysterious mouse whose point of view the story took was still hanging around, tugging on my muse, feeding me with other images. I couldn’t help but think about writing, well, more with her. There are no guarantees how many more there will be (or indeed if there will be any more), but if there are, they’ll be posted here.


September 2018