About Arilin & The Giants’ Club

Art by Ken Sample

Arilin Thorferra is a Rhaa cat-woman, essentiallywho stands about eighty feet high. She came from a country called Stravell, where there are two races: the Rha and the Liliren, who are mouse-like and stand about ankle high to the Rha. Despite what you might think about giant cats and little mice, most of the time there’s little conflict between the two racesalthough the Rha by and large think of the Liliren as somewhere between animals and “real” people.

The daughter of an eccentric scientist in Stravell, Arilin didn’t grow up very well socialized. It’s fair to say she was rather sociopathic, in fact, especially with Liliren. Through an extraordinary event involving one of her father’s inventions and a lightning storm, though, Arilin found herself transported to a strange land where nearly everyone was Liliren-sized, and she realized that to surviveat least with any semblance of civilizationshe’d have to depend on their kindness, and learn to be kind to them in return. It turned out her new land did have other giants, but very few, and often not very nice. The once murderous young Rha, ironically, became considered one of the “safe” giants.


Over the years, Arilin came to see promoting good relations between giants and littles as her life’s work. She first created the Giants’ Club, a place designed for those of “normal” stature and giants to interact with (some) degree of safety. Later on, she joined with other giants in her adopted homeland who were creating a much more ambitious place for giants and littles to interact: a community college.

About the site

This is a collection of stories by Arilin, telling of giantsusually giantesses, and so far always furrythat she’s met or heard of over the years. They range the gamut from gentle giants to apocalyptic ones, and genres range over the map: science fiction, fantasy, horror, and whatever you might consider “slice of life but with giants.” Some of these stories previously appeared in MegaMorphics, a macrophile-themed APA; others first appeared on Arilin’s Fur Affinity archive.

(There are some stories featuring Arilin at various points in her life. “Cheating at Solitaire” is the oldest, with her as the antagonist; “Higher Learning” is her first day teaching at the community college; “If Lethe Should be Passed” is a story of Arilin’s unusual encounter with the goddess of death; “Teacher’s Pet” is a novella from the point of view of one of Arilin’s students, a rat girl with a crush on the Rha.)

Furries? Macro?

Macrophilia is faux Latin for “an attraction to, or paraphilia involving, giants”; a macrophile is someone who experiences that attraction. While furry entered popular culture as “someone who dresses up in animal costumes,” the fandom term is rather broader than that: furries are animal-people, like Zootopia, or fans of animal-people. Despite what that episode of “CSI” told you, most furries don’t dress up in costumes, and furry isn’t exclusively sexual. That’s not to say that there isn’t a lot of furry sexy/kinky stuff out there, mind you. (That’d be a pretty disingenuous claim to make on this site, all things considered.)

So, yes: the stories here combine furries and macrophilia to produce giant animal-people. Why? Well: why not? Fantasies about giants nearly always have an uncivilized, primal edge, even when the giant is comparatively gentle. That’s also true of animal-people. So in that sense, it’s kind of a natural fit. Arilin goes more into depth on furries and macrophilia in general in an essay called “Dark Romance.”

This isn’t to say that Arilin will never write a story with a human or a demihuman giantess, or that she doesn’t like themshe is, in fact, rather a fan of Karbo and his ridiculously dangerous world of Felarya. It’s just that so far she hasn’t.